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Students celebrate Day 100 at school

VISTA — For adults, Wednesday is known as “hump day.” School children have their own hump. On Feb. 6, throughout the country young students celebrated the 100th day of the school year, which is just past the halfway mark. Monte Vista Elementary was no exception as kindergarteners took part in a Day 100 educational event.
The 20 children of Josie Blakemore’s class went round-robin style from table to table. There were kindergarteners cooking Day 100 cookies while others made Day 100 goggles to wear. The highlight of the event was the table where children drew themselves as they imagined they would look in 100 years.
For the 5-year-olds in the class, it was just a lot of fun. But bound up in the day’s activities were fundamental skills to be learned for use in later life. As they planned for Day 100, they learned how to count by 10s and the importance of the number zero. They got a sense of the calendar and its division into months and weeks.
Before the children drew themselves as centenarians, Blakemore showed them pictures of 100-year-old people. For many, it was their first time seeing people of such an advanced age. This, too, was a learning experience.
“Five-year-olds have a very limited life experience,” she explained. “If they have no experiences, they have no language. So we try to create as many language experiences as possible.”