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Student-produced concert benefits Make-A-Wish Foundation

COAST CITIES — Fifteen North County high school students are on a mission to make a wish come true. Students from La Jolla Country Day, La Jolla High School and Westview High have come together to join forces and plan a musical celebration entitled the Concert For Wishes, a benefit concert for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of San Diego.
The Aug. 14 event will be held at the David and Dorothea Garfield Theater of the Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center, 4126 Executive Drive. It will be emceed by CW6 Anchor Marc Bailey with a special appearance by musician Jessie. Other musical guests include Parker Ainsworth, Regime, Wil Reed and Tom Grote, The Nate Jarrell Quartet, Todd Lineback and Chris Sexton. For tickets, call (858) 362-1348 or visit
“Our goal is to raise enough to send a child with a life threatening illness on a Disney vacation,” said Matthew Friedman, a senior at La Jolla Country Day School.
Amid demanding academic pressures and required extracurricular activities, these selfless students have made time in their busy schedules to contact some of San Diego’s best local talent in hopes of raising at least $7,000 to donate to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of San Diego; ensuring a child who is battling a life-threatening medical condition is able to go on a dream Disney vacation.
With some luck, Friedman was able to reach the Feeding the Soul Foundation, an organization that brings community together in creative generosity. The foundation promotes local artists, foundations and businesses that make a positive difference by creating events that draw attention and opportunity to their talents and intents. Feeding the Soul was able to provide the students the musical talent they had been seeking.
The goal is to have a sellout performance to reflect the efforts that these students have dedicated to making a brave child’s greatest dream come true. Not only have these students devoted their time to locating talent and a worthy venue, but they have also taken it upon themselves to reach out to corporate sponsors and companies to donate items for an accompanying silent auction.
If you’re going to dream, your dream better be bigger than life; at least that’s the philosophy of high school senior Matthew Friedman, whether he realizes it or not. Music has always been a passion of his; in fact he is the drummer for his band Regime, and will be performing during the night. Friedman and his group of friends, Brianna Alexander, Michael Buchholz, Matt Go, Lauren Marx, Sarah Marx, Chase Mertz, Natasha Moss, Alexandra Rhodes, Allison Rhodes, Calvin Rhodes, Max Rudolph, Adrienne Sigeti, Zoey Turek and Karina Wiener are well on their way to accomplishing that goal.