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Student art is toast of the town

RANCHO SANTA FE — It was a perfect spring evening at the gorgeous Inn at Rancho Santa Fe to host the Toast of the Town and Kids Art Auction. 

This annual event brings together school officials, volunteers and donors from the community who have been helpful all year long.

It is also an opportunity for everyone to partake in food and drink and have the chance to see and bid on artwork.

A standout piece was an American Flag constructed from soda cans by a sixth-grade class. Another piece was a hanging work of art built by second-graders.

“The driftwood is from Massachusetts,” said parent Alex Johnson.

“The shells are from Florida and the rocks from California,” said Johnson, explaining that the pieces were collected and given by family members for the class to paint and fashion into a beautiful piece.

“They worked very hard on it,” Johnson said.

The event, held in and just outside the Azalea Room, was catered by The Inn, the new owners welcoming the annual event.

As people browsed among the artwork, some got to see what their children had been working on.

“We all have kindergarteners,” said Lisa Russeth standing among a group of friends. “My boy has been working on this for weeks.”

And even the little ones know the value of a dollar.

“They keep telling us to bid high,” she said with a laugh.

All the profits from the auction go right back to the Rancho Santa Fe Education Foundation that supports the school, this year pledging $1 million.

The mission of the foundation is to keep class sizes small, hiring specialized teachers, providing literacy excellence, integrating science and differentiating mathematics.

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