Eye on the Coast

State adds parking fee at C’bad State Beach

Needs more cash
Fees, surcharges, value-added taxes or whatever they are called are now the basis of a growing wave of cash that is being extracted from folks who are already hard-pressed to stay afloat in today’s economy. Reason given is that revenue is needed to balance bloated budgets with no mention of cutting back expenses like worldwide junkets by the electeds. One of the latest is a parking toll (fee) by the state parks department at the oft-used Tamarack State Beach in Carlsbad. It’s now $2 for an hour or $10 for the day. Alternative is an annual pass, good at all state parks, for $125.
OK for bridge replacements
Three ancient bridges spanning the San Dieguito River west of I-5 have been OK’d for replacement by the State Coastal Commission. The $24 mil. project is depending on financial support from North County Transit District and currently it sez there is no money in the till for it but is looking for grants from the state and feds. Restoration of the San Dieguito Lagoon is funded by So Cal Edison.
C’bad snowboarder garners Olympic Gold
Kudos to Shaun White who scored an impressive gold medal victory at the recent Winter Olympics in snowboard halfpipe competition. He easily triumphed over Finland’s Peetu Piiroinen.
Those pesky pensions
According to L.A. Times reporter Marc Lifsher, California cities aren’t alone in the country suffering from government bloated pension woes. These were issued when gedes was flowing down the avenue. Now more and more are becoming due. The nation’s shortfall is estimated to be in excess of a $1 trillion. In the Golden State it’s tabbed at more than $100 mil. and counting.
Shuttered again
Hollandia Skatepark in San Marcos was shuttered for the fifth time in six months recently becuz some of the rebel skaters refuse to wear safety helmets. Sad that a few of the park users deny the opportunity for the majority to enjoy this recreation. Why not ban the violators?
Encinitas way?
How come council items that are of great community interest in the Flower Capital are always at the bottom of the agenda past most folks’ bedtime? Case in point: Salaries of the council electeds and city manager recently were not considered until after 10 p.m. when the council chamber was nearly deserted. No increase in pay for councilors on the recommendation of Councilwoman Teresa Barth who was also against an 11 percent raise for the city mgr. This created lottsa discussion for the latter and the measure was deferred to the March 10 meeting. Will it again appear at the end of the agenda? Is this the Encinitas way? You decide.
Curfew law ruled too vague
4th District Court of Appeal ruled the Harbor City’s teen curfew was too broad to be constitutional so it has been rewritten. Meanwhile, the county and some cities are going through the mechanics of enacting curfew limitations in an effort to reduce late nite activities such as recently resulted in auto-related fatalities.
Minimal support
Eighty-two percent of the voters would like to send their congressional electeds out to pasture in the coming elections becuz of their lousy performance. Major reason is they feel their reps are more interested in taking care of special interests rather than the folks they are supposed represent. No different on the state level.
Utility users who are behind on their bill now have three months to catch up after they are warned that they soon will be in the dark. According to new rules, utilities must give delinquent customers three months’ notice and in some situations they may not have to pay a fee when service is reconnected. Local providers SDG&E and So Cal Edison reportedly have indicated they have a problem with the new mandates.
No constitutional convention?
Repair California, the organization that was beating the drums for a constitutional convention, has announced it has discontinued its effort becuz of insufficient funds to gather signatures state wide. Still a remote chance, however, another organization has also been active in the movement.
Eat for a buck a day
Flower Capital couple Chris Greenslate and Kerri Leonard have a book out titled “On a Dollar a Day” that tells how they nourished themselves for a dollar daily in September 2008.
Solbeach 101 revitalization
Residents have received their first look on how 2.2 miles of 101 that runs through the city can be spruced up and made more walkable. Roundabouts to calm traffic are in the mix similar to those installed in the Flower Capital and are being considered in Rancho Santa Fe. Original presentation was conceptual and aimed at stimulating community input before anything is put in stone. No pun intended.
Drops out
Termed-out assembly elected Lori Saldana, who considered running against County Supervisor Ron Roberts, has nixed the idea. But the lawmaker remains active. She has introduced a bill that will allow replacing real grass with artificial turf in Homeowners Associations. According to her stats, it will save lottsa of the precious commodity.
Treasurer-Tax Collector Dan McAllister of Solbeach, whose term is up this year, is in the hot seat for suppressing a department audit for almost a year … Surfside City is expanding its Transient Occupancy Tax by including vacation rentals … Popular Kenny Loggins, classic rock/rop artist, will be on the San Diego County Fair grandstand stage June 23 … Flower Capital is inviting residents to sign up for its Encinitas Community Emergency Response Team training session scheduled April 17 … Ed Roski Jr., who would like to have the Chargers play in his proposed City of Industry 70,000-seat, state-of-the art stadium and is promoting term limits, has passed out more than $500 thousand in campaign contributions to lawmakers throughout the state … San Dieguito Water & Olivhenhain Water districts have partnered with Santa Fe Irrigation District to sponsor a landscape workshop March 13 at San Diego Botanic Garden from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
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