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STAR students lauded

RANCHO SANTA FE — Once again, the students at R. Roger Rowe School in Rancho Santa Fe did very well on their state-mandated STAR testing. In fact, many of the students scored 100 percent on their tests and were recognized at the school board meeting on November 3.
Their name was called, they were received a certificate of achievement and shook hands with school board members.
Before the names of the students were called, Lindy Delaney, superintendent of schools explained to the children what the school board does.
“The school board is elected by your parents and they are in charge of governing and making rules for the district. They are my boss,” she said. “They are pretty important people, but they are all volunteers.”
After giving a brief primer for those children who have not had much experience shaking hands how to do it, she praised her students.
“Congratulations to each and every one of you and we are very proud of you,” she said. “You did your best and your best was perfect.”
Those in the second grade who scored perfectly on their STAR math tests were Dax Kay, Michael Kenyon, Zachary Kindel and Donovan Nelson. In grade three were Katherine Arnold, Rhett Bailey, Seraphine Bustillos, Rocco Cappetta, Conrad Delgado, Benjamin Fitzpatrick, John Flaming, Anna Lauer, Marcus Phillips and Ella Rosenblatt. In grade four were Shannon Buss, Tucker Drawdy, Sheila Kaiser, Jasmine King, James Licosati, Gabrielle Nguyen, Natalie Slosar, Meghan Sullivan and Carson Wright. In grade five were Kerrie Lunsford, Breana Nguyen, Ashley Perison, Jackson Tuck and Nicholas VanHuizum. In grade 6 were Lauren Flaming, Bennett McCaskill, Elizabeth Russell and Tiffany Zhang.
Those students who scored perfectly on their STAR science test were from grade five were Tessora Bustillos, Grace Parker and Michael Rattner. In grade eight were Connor Bailey, Seamus Comerford, Jose Esquer, Hannah Grobisen, Meaghan Harrington, Michael Kim, Peter Lillian, Jonathon Luck, Spencer McKinney, Katherine Michael and Ethan Rappaport.
Fourth grader Rachel Waite earned a perfect score for her STAR math and English Language Arts.
Brandon Fitzpatrick a fifth grader and Alexi Stein an eighth grader each earned perfect scores on their STAR math and science tests.
Following the awarding of the certificates, Cindy Schaub, assistant superintendent, gave the board a run down on how the testing played out.
She noted there is “slow and steady growth,” toward making every student in every grade reach a 90 percent score on the test.
“We are seeing a increase every single year,” she said.
In the English Language Arts the test scores are above 90 percent except for the second, third and sixth grades, with 89, 85 and 86 respectively. In grades four the number is 95 percent, 91 percent in the fifth grade, 94 in the seventh grade and 98 in the eighth grade. In math proficiency, in 2004 the numbers were in the high 70s and mid-80s. Now the second, third and fourth grades their scores were 92, 97 and 95. Students in the fifth grade score 88 percent, sixth 88, seventh 89 and eighth 81.
Schaub pointed out that being a small school, the percentages can be tilted on way or another by a single child’s score.
Delaney told the board that every year when the STAR test results come back, she always feels students and staff could do better.
“I do feel we can do better, but this year I fell like we did a great job,” she said.