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Sprinkler saves home from fire

RANCHO SANTA FE — Automatic sprinklers went far to help fire crews from the Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District save a home Jan. 16.
The residential fire was in the 6400 block of Primero Izquierdo. Upon arrival,
firefighters found the large residential structure surrounded by a heavy odor of smoke. Upon investigation, it was found that a single sprinkler head had activated, confining the fire to the room of origin. The activation of the sprinkler head, combined with fast action by firefighters, resulted to minimal damage to the structure and its contents. The structure was occupied at the time of the fire but no injuries were reported.
In addition, the Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District is asking residents to install, maintain and test their smoke alarms. This effort is in response to one of the deadliest holiday seasons in recent years related to fire. Since Thanksgiving 2008, more than 200 people have died in fire-related tragedies in the United States.
“The 2008 holiday season and the start of 2009 may be recorded as one of the deadliest for residential fires in recent memory of the fire service,” said United States Fire Administrator Greg Cade. “Not only has there been a significant number of preventable fires, but the occurrences of multiple fatalities resulting from these fires are simply unacceptable within our nation. There should be a smoke alarm protecting every person in this nation today, particularly as we sleep.”
While there have been no such devastating fires with the local fire department, firefighters urge everyone to do their part of help keep such incidents from occurring.
“Everyone should test each smoke alarm in their home once a month to ensure it is functioning,” Chief Nick Pavone said. “In addition, the batteries in each smoke alarm should be changed once a year, even if the alarm is still working. This includes the backup batteries for alarms that are hard-wired.”
For more information about smoke alarms and fire safety, visit www.rsf- or