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Spring brings activities to Ivey Ranch

OCEANSIDE — Ivey Ranch has started its spring season with a host of activities and projects.Volunteers are needed for some heavy manual labor. From 8 to 10 a.m. Feb. 3 staff is taking down pipe corrals and fence in preparation for regrading behind the north barn at 3110 Rancho Del Oro Drive. You bring the muscle and they’ll provide breakfast.

Confirm your presence by contacting our office at (760) 722-4839.

The Ranch is also offering students an opportunity to participate in a Vista Palomar Riders Horse Show, March 24 and April 28.

A mandatory informational parent meeting for all participants will be held at 2:30 p.m. Feb. 16 in the Multi-Purpose Room. Riders will not be allowed to participate if parents do not attend this meeting.

The Ranch is excited to introducing its new Equestrian Vaulting Team, which began Feb. 2 for advanced riders only. Speak to your instructor if you are interested in joining.

This is a team sport in which vaulters, lounger and horse work together to create moving art. The sport combines gymnastics, dance, and a love of horses. The program costs $180 for three months.

Have you ever considered owning a horse? The ranch offers the next best thing.

Lease a horse here at the Ranch,

Any Ivey Ranch client who has 50 or more hours of lesson time at Ivey Ranch may be qualified to participate in the partial lease program with one of our gentle lesson horses; not all lesson horses are available for lease. Ivey Ranch administration will review lease applications and respond within 10 working days for horse availability and rider compatibility.

Call the office at (760) 722-4839 for more information.