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Spending revolt bus stops in Solana Beach

Without a doubt, Americans agree to disagree when it comes to politics. But from Sacramento to Washington, D.C., there seems to be consensus in at least one area.
“Government is spending too much,” U.S. Rep. Brian Bilbray, who represents the 50th District, said when the Americans for Prosperity spending revolt bus stopped at his Solana Beach office Aug. 5.
“It’s gone beyond what’s conceivably responsible,” he said.
Americans for Prosperity is an organization of grassroots leaders committed to educating citizens about economic policy.
The bus started in Las Vegas in late July, made its way to Northern California, traveled down to Southern California and then headed out to zigzag across the country before reaching its final destination in the nation’s capital.
Along the way it is making strategic stops to allow people to sign their names or leave messages.
“It’s a way for people to express their opinion and frustrations,” David Spady, the California director of Americans for Prosperity, said.
“More than any other message, this bus symbolizes that Americans don’t trust the government,” Bilbray said. “Only when government has earned that trust does it have the right to ask for one more cent.”