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Sometimes the best plans are the ones you never made

A few marvelous things took place in the last couple of weeks in Rancho Santa Fe, like my sister coming to visit me for Labor Day weekend. Some of you reading this might have met my vivacious sister, Tracy. I must share that she has been really instrumental in positive ways for me in my life. When she told me she was coming to visit, I had no idea that she had brought with her a bad case of poison ivy all the way from the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. When I picked her up at the airport, I saw a small red rash on her chest. Little did I know we would be spending the weekend looking for itching creams all over San Diego. But the thing about sisters is they could have fun almost anywhere without entertainment, so please don’t pity me. We did spend one glorious day in the Ranch, which I will give you the details on that later.
What’s wonderful about life is sometimes we make plans that don’t work out. And when this happens, fabulous little vignettes of wonderful moments can develop when you least expect it. Maybe even something better. One of my feature stories has to do with one family losing their beloved pet, only to be blessed with a new arrival. One couple boards a jet plane to attend Fashion Week in New York, while a proud Ranch mother throws a private party for her son’s 42nd birthday on Sept. 11. Also, who was recently inducted into the Rancho Santa Fe Rotary?  You never know what story will be next under the gorgeous eucalyptus trees in “Machel’s Ranch.”
Around town
On Sept. 3, Michael and Elaine Gallagher celebrated in style for an End of Summer Party. I so desperately wanted join the Gallaghers, but due to a surprise visit from my sister, I couldn’t make it. I am sharing a photo from their special day featuring Elaine with her son, Michael. What you may not know is that Michael Gallagher is really quite the filmmaker and is already winning accolades up in Hollywood. His “Totally Sketch You Tube” videos have quite the following and are fun to watch. If you haven’t seen one yet, definitely check out this Rancho Santa Fe local filmmaker. I just love this picture of both of them. They seemed to be both beaming with that proud mother and son look that shows just how much they adore each other. Hope you guys had fun. I was just picking up my sister that day at the airport.
On Sept. 5, my sister Tracy and I checked out a Craigslist listing on a free desk and happened upon the cutest cottage that was open for a looksee that day. After that we drove to Stumps Village Market for lunch. I’m sure you already know this, but their deli is really quite superb. We enjoyed a shrimp  salad, with mushroom soufflés, while we sat outside in the gorgeous sunlight. That day was perfect. Then we drove down to Lemon Twist to eat some delicious strawberries. We also drove by the new school in town. I snapped a photo of the new R. Roger Rowe School. Besides the poison ivy, my weekend with my sister was really quite refreshing. She just recently married this summer, so she still had that honeymoon glow. When she left on Monday, I felt those heartstrings tug at me as I watched her disappear inside the airport and I drove back to my life without my sister. Luckily for me, I can check in with her on Facebook.
On Sept. 11, Ranch resident Violet MacDonald threw a private party for one of her sons, Larry MacDonald. Violet had a fabulous assortment of cheeses and fresh fruit, sockeye salmon, fingerling potatoes, topped off with Chilean wines that she had recently brought back from Chile. Then for dessert, was a custom-made red velvet cake, which everyone just devoured. The touching story of the evening was the MacDonald family had just recently lost their beloved dog, Charlotte, after 14 years. Their new dog, Cole, was a given to them as a gift from some of their good friends in Newport. The other wonderful news was Violet’s grandson Holden MacDonald’s short story that he had written will be submitted to Reader’s Digest this month. Here is the story:
WHERE I AM FROM  “I’m from the lands of rainbows, leprechauns, bagpipes and golf. I’m from the sounds of my sister screaming at me and the cool breeze of the Canadian flag swaying back and forth, I’m from the warm feeling of the sand slipping through my toes as the waves come crashing against the shore. I’m from the sweet taste of Jolly Ranchers and the cool breeze of the wind hitting against me as I’m riding down the hill on my skateboard. I’m from Nana’s delicious tasting strawberries in her garden. I am Holden MacDonald.”
I’m sure Violet is very proud of her only grandson!
On Sept. 13, my very good friend Bianca Macaluso with her husband, Tony, hopped on a flight to New York City to enjoy Fashion Week. Bianca sent live photos to me all week of the designer shows such as Michael Kors and photos of Donald Trump only a few feet away. It sounded like a red carpet extravaganza for the entire week. I can’t wait to reveal in my next column photos from that week when they return from their trip, which will be just in time for The Country Friends Fashion Show in Rancho Santa Fe.
You know I’ll be there that day!
On Sept. 14, the Rancho Santa Fe Rotary inducted three new members: Michael McCarthy, Lee Gagne, and Krista Lafferty, The Coast News Group’s very own advertising sales representative. President Patrick Galvin is also featured here in this photo with them on that proud day. If you haven’t gone to the Rotary, you should visit the Rotary on Monday’s at The Inn. The meetings start at noon. They work hard to make this community a better place.

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