Sometimes ‘freebies’ not as free as they seem

Sad local situation
When you win a car, a lotta cash or receive an Extreme Makeover of your house, there are indirect costs involved. In a home remodel the property value goes up. And if you win cash or upscale merchandise, Uncle Sam expects a piece of the action.
Barbara Cobb forwarded a Channel 10 report on the plight of a Flower Capital widower and his children who are facing foreclosure becuz their manse was remodeled on a TV program and the tax collector reassessed it making it necessary for the family to redo the mortgage. Now the family is having difficulty making the payments creating an extreme hardship. Sad.
Christmas CD
Grammy award winner Steve Churchyard assembled 40 St. James Academy Choir members and musicians under the direction of Anne Marie Solham and after weeks of training has issued a Christmas CD titled “Listen to The Angels Sing.” Folks who have heard it say it’s as professional and inspiring as any on the market this season. Proceeds go to the youth music ministry. Info is available by calling (858) 755-7668.
Contaminated site
The Harbor City redevelopment agency recently committed $160 thousand clams for a feasibility study for building a stadium adjacent to Petco Park. A part of the site is occupied by San Diego Metro Transit System, which uses it as a bus storage and maintenance yard. Now it develops there is a lotta soil contamination that will cost thousands of bux to clean up. Now what?
Napping nixed
Federal Aviation Administration is prohibiting pilots from napping in the cockpit with some exceptions for long flights but was silent on brief catnaps as the one that occurred in Hawaii when pilots overflew a flight from Honolulu to Hiloby miles. The pilots were getting a little shuteye caused by the balmy Hawaiian weather. More recently, a flight from San Diego bound for Minneapolis overshot its destination by 150 miles causing considerable concern at the tower that it might have been grabbed by terrorists. Pilots explained they were consumed going over new regs. Current ones limit pilots to eight wide awake hours of flying in a 24-hour period except on longer hauls.
The Crossings to receive bailout
The Crossings posh golf course in C’bad will receive an addition $l50,000 to cover expenses to year’s end. It cost $71 mil. to build in 2007 and was ranked the most expensive course in the country to build until recently when one opened in New York that cost more. Hizzoner Bud Lewis sez it was never intended to pay for itself in the short term. Kinda like the federal spend packages that the kids of the future are saddled with. The Crossings has a $1.76 mil. budget next year.
Biz tax
Solbeach voters will decide next June whether businesses will pay a tax on their gross receipts in addition to their standard license fee. Council electeds played it wisely. Before springing the tax proposal on the merchants, as politicians are prone to do, businessmen were involved in a sub-committee. If the proposal is approved, it will help to bridge a $1.5 mil budget gap.
Homeless shelters
No one can say local residents are indifferent to the plight of the homeless now with the cold winter months at hand. Regional Solutions, a coalition of nine participating cities that includes the Surfside City, Solbeach, Flower Capital, C’bad, O’side, Poway, San Marcos, Vista, and Escondido, is subsidizing a shelter program for the third year. Interfaith Community Services has been providing shelter for men, women and families since September. Area shelters are operating by Bread of Life Rescue Mission in O’side, Operation Hope Vista; Salvation Army Escondido and Catholic Charities La Posada de Guadalupe in C’bad.
Rocky in VA post
Rocky Chavez, whose last day as an O’side councilman was Dec. 18, is now undersecretary for the Cal Dept. of Vets Affairs in Sacto. He’ll earn $122,424 annually, a mite more than he was receiving in O’side. Chavez delayed his resignation to avoid a costly special election that now can be folded into the primary.
Charitable season
This is the time of the year folks and organizations are generous with their bankrolls and are in a giving mood. Del Mar Kiwanis Club recently handed out $17 grand to three charities including Phoenix House that provides in and out patient care; La Jolla Mejica that tutors underprivileged children; and Friends of Del Mar that sometime in the near future will build a community park on Ninth street.
Rancho parks
A coppla of parks fronting The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe are due for up to $65 grand in enhancements that will be subsidized by Rancho Santa Fe Association. Included are a walking path, landscaping, concrete street pop-outs and benches.
C’bad Parks & Rec. Dept. is sponsoring a Teen Scene Talent Competition at Calavera Hills Community Center on Jan. 30 and is now accepting entries … Best to keep umbrellas on hand cuz if predictions are accurate this winter will be a really wet one … Torrey Hills Elementary School sixth-graders are building robots using Lego Mindstorm kits … Billionaire Madeleine Perkins and the Surfside City are involved in a court spat regarding the city’s view ordinance as it relates to the Perkins’ surfside manse … O’side’s Cal Welcome Center has issued a report showing it generated $21 mil. in visitor spending and was responsible for creating 400 jobs at various businesses throughout the city … Cardiffian Chuck Kruse, veteran horseshoe chucker, has been inducted into the So Cal Horseshoe Assn. Hall of Fame … Next November voters may be asked if they favor ponying up $18 bux for state parks as part of the vehicle registration fee … San Marcos Skatepark users recently caused a brief shut down of operations becuz they refused to wear helmets.
Hasta la Vista & Merry Christmas


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