Solo bike rider passes through hometown Encinitas

ENCINITAS —They call him David the Brave for a reason. After saving up his hard‐earned money during college, David Sacher decided to embark on a solo bicycle journey from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska down to the tip of Argentina. His goal: to finish in 10 months in an effort to raise awareness and funds for a nonprofit organization called Acirfa.
Acirfa is working to turn Africa around one bicycle at a time by starting up bicycle social enterprises in developing nations throughout southern Africa. In his opening letter to friends and family, Sacher said, “This ride is a reminder of what can be accomplished through perseverance and a little hard work. It’s a reminder of what we as people are capable of what the human mind, body and spirit can achieve.”
Acirfa’s first bicycle social enterprise, called ZamBikes, has distributed more than 2,000 bicycles since 2007 and developed one of the first bicycle ambulance trailers to be used to save hundreds of lives in the local communities and villages.
One month ahead of schedule, Sacher arrived in Southern California
Oct. 5 and rode with local cyclists to his hometown in Encinitas. Sacher has been
riding more than 80 miles daily through challenging opposition, from overcoming difficult mountain terrain on the Dalton Highway in Alaska to withstanding wind, rain, fires and severe temperatures.
A man with a mission, Sacher has been Twittering (@davidthebrave) about his journey and writing stories of his adventures on his blog called Earning the Horizon ( Details on the ride can be found at‐acirfa.


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