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Softball season wraps up for restaurant league

CARLSBAD — Carlsbad’s Restaurant and Bar League championship softball game sealed another successful season of competition and friendship for the organization.
The season’s final game pitted Carlsbad Village’s Boar Cross’n against Oceanside’s Main Attraction, a team that was invited to join last year and round out the league. Despite injuries, the Main Attraction triumphed June 2 and took the league’s trophy home.
“This season’s bar league was amazing,” said Cassie Porrazzo, whose team was all smiles as they gathered on the field with the trophy.
The Main Attraction team bounced back from last place in the previous season to the envied winners. “This is the American dream right here,” said Andy Davis, owner of Mas Fina Cantina in the Carlsbad Village.
Boar Cross’n owner Justin Burnette was disappointed that his team didn’t take home the title for the second year in a row, “but at least we got to play in the playoffs,” he said. His team beat out Ocean House to get into the championship game.
The Restaurant and Bar League — the first of its kind in Carlsbad — is the brainchild of Davis and Burnette. With the city’s approval, they started the league to build a friendly relationship among Carlsbad’s restaurant and bar employees.
“This is a way that we all get together and we’ve become pretty good friends,” Davis said. “You get to know everyone in your town.”
The league’s first season began last August with seven teams on the roster. Hennessey’s Tavern employees won the first championship and their name is forever attached to the “epic trophy,” Davis said.
Although the teams are extremely competitive on the field, losing a game is almost as rewarding as winning. The league has an unwritten rule that the losing team has to enjoy a post-game meal and drinks at the winning establishment, where the winners often pick up the tab.
“That’s the point where we all become friends,” Davis said. “It’s good camaraderie and good for business to have everyone bouncing back and forth between the restaurants.”
The games are held on Wednesday evenings, which then brings foot traffic into restaurants that typically endure a slow night, Davis said.
While Oceanside’s Main Attraction may have bragging rights for now, the trophy could soon find its way back to Carlsbad. The league’s third season is rapidly approaching, with a start date in the next few months.
“I’ve got a few more bars that want to get in on the games,” Davis said. “They’ve heard about how much fun we’re having!”