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Small Carlsbad business garners big attention

CARLSBAD — Chris Woolston, the Healthy Skeptic of the Los Angeles Times highlighted Skin Care Heaven, a small family-owned company based in Carlsbad, naming their DNA Repair Serum in a feature story for a summer health issue.
The issue showcased three DNA Repair topical products, and although Woolston did not endorse any, the mere mention of Skin Care Heaven and how these products are earning some merit was enough to thrill the local business.
“The science and public knowledge of DNA has finally come together and now people understand what DNA repair really means and how important it is,” said Steven Stern, 44, founder and chief executive officer of Skin Care Heaven. “The enzymes that we use are basically from plankton and are able to target cells that have been damaged — the enzymes eat away at little damaged cell pieces and allows them grow back healthy.
“You put it all together and you have many products in one,” he said, noting how his family also has knowledge in skincare health. “I think that’s one of the reasons why the reporter selected us.”
Stern is still numb with the media attention — after all, he’s only been in business for a short time.
“We’re selling so much of it (serum), we can hardly keep up with the demand,” said Kera Loker, director of operations at Skin Care Heaven.
After the Los Angeles Times feature story, sales are now fanning across state lines and beyond. Skin Care Heaven is a multilevel company. It’s an e-commerce business and houses an intimate spa and boutique on site.
Stern first began his e-commerce business out of his Carlsbad home towards the end of 2008. In addition to selling his own inventory, he also offered other popular medical and nonmedical skin care lines, as well.
“My third car garage was where I had product storage,” he said. Within a year, Stern had enough revenue to set up shop at a Carlsbad storefront. Not long after, he incorporated a small spa. It was a natural fit, he said.
Stern attributes his business success to his executive days in corporate America. With a background in technology, he knew how to market Skin Care Heaven on the Internet because he understood Web search behavior.
“And being competitively priced, we were able to gain steam rather quickly,” he said.
It was the recession that ultimately caused Stern to walk away from his executive job selling high-end software and create Skin Care Heaven. An entrepreneur at heart, he decided to make this change — and one that would allow him to spend more time with his family.
“I’ve been told by so many people how fast time with children goes and I figured out a way to spend more time with them,” he said.
Stern and his small group of associates create their schedules around the needs of their kids.
“New technology and new companies have shown us that we don’t need to be in the office from nine to five, be in a suit and tie, or in a cubicle to create a successful business,” he said.
And Stern has the article from the Los Angeles Times to prove it. Skin Care Heaven is at 5205 Avenida Encinas, Suite C, in Carlsbad. Call (760) 602-5002 or visit skincareheaven.com to learn more.