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Sinking boat is raised in Oceanside Harbor

OCEANSIDE — Harbor police and harbor maintenance workers came to the aid of a sinking boat in Oceanside Harbor on March 9.

A caller reported a 35-foot vessel tied up at the L Dock was taking on water. When first responders arrived the boat had sunk down to its rails.

Lt. Leonard Cosby said the first order of business was to make sure anyone on board was safe.

When it was found the boat was empty, the next steps were to drain the boat and hoist it out of the water. To ensure environmental safety booms were put around the boat to absorb any displaced fluids.

The unmanned boat was removed from the harbor and stored at the harbor dry dock until the owners could be notified. The names of the boat owners were not released.

Jim Jenkin, Oceanside Yacht Club member, said the boat was recently purchased and under repair. Jenkins said a mechanic had been out lately to work on the boat. He added the boat might have taken on water because a hose was left undone.

Police confirmed that the owners had been repairing the boat, and had not been around for a few days when it was reported the boat was sinking.

It was not confirmed who made the call for help, but it’s likely that a live-aboard resident in the harbor saw the boat in distress and called.

The owners will likely have to cover the cost of salvage operations. At the time of reporting police did not have an estimate of that amount.

Cosby said it is advantageous vessel rescue operations were practiced by Oceanside and fellow San Diego County first responder teams a month earlier. He said a boat taking on water is something that happens, but it is an unusual occurrence.