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Shark liver oil supplements give allergy sufferers relief

By Thierry Lerond, marine supplements specialistEven though the springtime door leading into summer is picturesque it can wreak havoc on allergy sufferers. Just ask anyone who has allergy issues and they’ll tell you it’s a miserable time of year.If you’ve visited a drug or grocery store recently, it’s hard not to notice the displays of allergy medication. As allergy stricken people reach for medication, many aren’t aware of how shark liver oil can offer its fair share of hay fever relief. In fact, decades of research have shown this to be true.The best first step is to look for a shark liver oil supplement which guarantees purity and potency. And finding a company, such as Nutrilys Del Mar based in Carlsbad, that has a long track record of selling shark liver oil supplements around the globe to consumers, health clinics and retailers is the best pick of all.When eyeing the label on the bottle, it’s important to find a manufacturer who creates a product that has the following:

• No artificial preservatives

• No colors

• No dairy

• No soy

• No wheat

• No yeast

High quality, shark liver oil supplements have been proven to lessen allergy symptoms, such as:

• Itchy nose

• Red, itchy and watery eyes

• Sneezing

• Post nasal drip

• Dark circles under the eyes brought on by congestion

Controlling the above allergy symptoms will give you so much relief and may also ward off sinus infections, too.

Shark liver oil, which is high in Omega 3s, also has a miracle ingredient named Alkylglycerols, otherwise known as AKG. AKG naturally boosts a person’s immune system. In the human body, AKG can be found in human breast milk, liver, spleen and bone marrow. Research has shown that a mother’s breast milk does wonders for her baby in increasing its immune system and lowering the chances of allergies. The same “AKG philosophy” is used for shark liver oil consumption in humans.

Getting the refined AKGs from shark liver oil is a tedious and scientific process. This is why finding a reputable manufacturer with a patented purifying process is so important otherwise you will not get the full benefits of shark liver oil. And most of all, you’ll be wasting money on a substandard product.

Before starting any supplement, it’s advised to seek the advice from a healthcare professional about your new product and dosage amount.

Avid users of shark liver oil call it a supplement they can’t live without, especially during allergy season.

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