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‘Sex and the City’ and knowing when to say when

Over Memorial Day weekend, I stood in line to buy my ticket to “Sex and the City 2.” OK, I confess. I broke my diet and ate some popcorn. I was like a giddy high school girl. You should have seen me sitting there, while the lights dimmed.   
Then movie tape began to roll. Alicia Keys’ popular song, “Empire State of Mind II,” played as the credits flashed in sync with Manhattan skyscrapers. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda — four femme fatales who have reeled in the viewers for more than a decade, I couldn’t wait.
I was certain this movie would be the best thing since, well, the HBO show. As you probably know, you can catch the edited versions on TBS. And, yes, I’ve seen all of the episodes in the rerun-formatted version. I’ve watched those women rummage through men, shoes, relationships, apartments, and good eateries only to want more from the fabulous four characters.
However, too much of a good thing can turn anything sour. That’s a mix of metaphors. I didn’t feel like sounding too cliché. And honestly I’m sort of in one of those moods. You know, one of those moments where you’ve realized sometimes there is a reason for two little words: the end.
What happened next over the next 25 minutes was shocking. My excitement soon turned to utter disgust when Liza Minnelli showed up singing show tunes at at a gay wedding. Um, not exactly what I was expecting when I bought my ticket. This movie was so tongue-in-cheek in the first opening scenes I felt completely insulted as a loyal fan.
I wasn’t there to watch Liza make a comeback. No. I wanted to witness the connection of these four characters that have kept me company many times on a TBS Monday night. Then it dawned on me as I sat there alone in the dark un-crowded theater, sometimes there are reasons for endings.
There was no need to see what happened after the courthouse wedding with Carrie and Mr. Big. I don’t need to see my favorite four bond in a poorly written script depicting boring marriages. Then taking that predictable girls trip to Dubai, flirting with disaster by kissing an ex-boyfriend, then riding around in the desert in multicolored outfits on camels.
That’s when it happened. The unthinkable — I walked out on “Sex and the City 2.” I quickly left after witnessing another X-rated scene with Samantha with some other random guy. My stomach churned as I watched Carrie feel that huge gap because she could not recognize Clark Gable in “It Happened One Night,” but Mr. Big could. And, the sight of seeing Charlotte feeling overwhelmed with her second adopted child from China with her bald boring husband was just enough to put me over the edge.
What I wanted was gone. The show had evolved into a parody of four women no longer in their 30s, now being labeled as boring because they had found relationships with men.
I don’t know what I was expecting. I guess maybe they could all still manage life, relationships and be friends? I’m learning though from my own experiences that this may be too much to ask from reality and even from  “Sex and the City.”
Sometimes, it’s OK to say when. It’s OK to move on to a different chapter, a city, say goodbye to old friends, and sometimes there is no need for a sequel. The trick in life for us is to know when to say when. Take my advice, read the book “Julie/Julia” instead. Now that is entertainment. Besides, I would rather keep Carrie in New York happily ever after with Mr. Big. I don’t need to know the rest.
Around Town
On May 28, Jill and Tony Sorge’s oldest son Anthony graduated from Santa Fe Christian High School. When Jill called to remind me of that special day, I could hardly believe the little boy I had met more than 12 years ago was now graduating from high school. This may seem like an off-the-wall thing to share, but Jill Sorge came to my side when I was checked in early with toxemia when I was pregnant with my son. I had just moved to San Diego and met Jill only a few months before. My ex-husband had just had knee surgery and this was an unexpected development at the end of my pregnancy. With my family out of town and because of the surgery, I was going to be alone during most of the induced labor. I was absolutely terrified. Luckily for me, I had met Jill. She came down in the middle of the night, harassed the nurses to make sure I was all right and never left my side. Thanks to Jill, I was not alone. Some things you never forget. Now here her oldest son has graduated from high school. Unbelievable.
Congratulations to Anthony and his beautiful family. Thanks for making our life so much more special in San Diego. Jill was kind enough to share photos from graduation day at Santa Fe Christian.
Later that night, I went out with my friends for the beginning of Memorial Day weekend. We started off at Mille Fleurs with some of our good friends. Host Julien Hug sat down with Robin and me and shared that he had just been up in Los Angeles only the week before doing charity work with part of other past members of ABC’s “The Bachelorette.” How exciting. We’ve been friends with Julien over the years and he is definitely one of Rancho Santa Fe’s very own celebrities. One time, Julien even convinced Robin to go skydiving on his own (not tandem). Robin took the five-hour course, and I watched with baited breath as I  hoped he could land on his own. He pulled the toggles too soon, which made his parachute collapse about five feet from the ground. Luckily, he only skinned a knee. Those were the days. I included a fun picture of the three of us from that evening. Gal pal Krista Lafferty and her friend Tracy Justice also joined us for that wonderful evening.
On May 30, my favorite couple in town, Karian and Tom Forsyth, invited me to their fabulous Memorial Day weekend barbecue. My best friend Meredith MacDonald accompanied me to The Crosby that day to enjoy beautiful weather, exotic clothes and hot weather. What I love about Karian and Tom is they are one of the best-dressed couples in town. I never know what ensemble to expect, but each outfit is absolute perfection for that particular event. I tried hard to look stylish with my “Audrey wannabe” sunglasses but I’m more of a quirky down to earth type that wears the same shoes until the heels start falling apart. Meredith looked exceptional in her “Dancing with the Stars” ensemble. Gary and Maggie Bobeliff, and Martine Woesle were there also, just to name a few. Featured are some of the stand-out photos from that day.
Summer hat feature
Maggie Bobileff, owner of Mister B’s, happened to be wearing the most sublime white hat. All fashion icons know that Memorial Day weekend is the first weekend one can wear white for the summer. Thanks Maggie for looking absolutely gorgeous and letting me feature you for this week’s summer hat feature. And, doesn’t Chef Martin look wonderful, too? If you are lucky, you might catch Martin in his tennis shorts midday around town in the Ranch. But don’t say I mentioned that, wink, wink. Her husband Gary was also looking dapper in a pose with host Tom Forsyth. Thanks Karian for including me. Your parties make me feel oh-so-Hollywood!
On June 2, Roger Rowe in Rancho Santa Fe opened their doors to families and friends to attend Open House Night. The Community Center hosted the recital events in their stage area where parents of students from different grades took turns watching the performances. Jackson’s fourth-grade class played their recorders that evening. I snapped a photo of Cielo resident Marlene Fetzer with her gorgeous daughter. Later, all of the parents headed to classrooms to see progress of projects, and other assignments that had taken place from that school year. The best news of all? The construction is almost completed at the school. Next year will be exciting for everyone. I had the best time that evening at Roger Rowe. What an exception school for our community.
On June 5, I woke up early to help Katie and Robin (Lemon Twist) dip 1,000 chocolate strawberries for the “Best In Show” event at Helen Woodward. If you’ve never done this, you should try it. There is something very peaceful about the method of dipping strawberries into chocolate. Maybe, I just have a thing for the chocolate though. Later that evening, Lemon Twist won Best Decor from a local food critic, and Tommy V’s took home the honors for best food. I had the time of my life that evening, while working the booth for this fundraiser event. It’s always one of my favorite events of the year. Thanks Katie for always including me. You can find more photos of this evening in the paper. I have included just one here. I ran into the prettiest sisters in town, Katie and Rosie Holcombe. Can you say blonde power? I just love these two beauties. Thanks for posing for this the darling picture.
On June 8, I had the pleasure of interviewing author James Simmons. Mr. Simmons informed me over the phone of his extensive background, which includes a doctorate from UC Berkeley, teaching also at Boston University, UCSD and San Diego State. Mr. Simmons is a social historian who has published 26 nonfiction books. “I am also the only writer in the country doing these privately commissioned life and family histories, who is also a historian.”
Some of his clients include Ranch resident Bob Baker. His book came out in 2004. Mr. Baker also wants another edition.  If you would love to chronicle your life story for your own family legacy, check out Jame Simmons is qualified to tell your story. Thanks James for the candid interview.