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Seniors and veterans look for donations for troop care packages

CARLSBAD — A Carlsbad resident, who never received a care package during his many years in the military, decided that today’s soldiers deserved better.
“This is necessary to bring a little relief to the lives of those away from their families,” said Lester Tenney, who spent the war years of World War II on Bataan in the Philippines and three years shoveling coal in a coal mine in Japan.
When things took a turn for the worse in Iraq and Afghanistan, Tenney and other veterans living in La Costa Glen, a retirement facility in Carlsbad, joined together and began sending packages to our troops overseas. Seventy resident volunteers began raising money to send 50 boxes a week to our troops. A 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization known as Care Packages from Home, was formed.
“Our goals are very simple,” Chairman Tenney said. “We have no paid employees and 100 percent of everything we collect goes into the 50 care packages a week we send to our troops.”
So far $425,000 has been raised and $422,00 has been spent for 9,500 boxes that have been shipped, with more than 96,000 troops receiving something from these care packages. Help with this project also came from the students at local schools. This was augmented by the support and dedication of the hard-working resident volunteers from La Costa Glen Retirement Community who wrap and pack the boxes.
Unfortunately, without the infusion of new funds, Care Packages from Home is facing termination, Tenney said.
“This is sad news for the American troops overseas who depend on us for many needed items,” Tenney said. “Also sad news for the young men and women of our schools who have found a service project that truly reflects their high standards of giving and service. And, of course, sad news for the senior members of the retirement community, who have benefited measurably by the feeling of being needed, wanted and useful in their advancing age.”
Tax-deductible donations can be made to, Care Packages from Home and sent to Dan May, treasurer, at 1988 Snowberry Court, Carlsbad, CA 92009, or call Lester Tenney at (760) 704-1106 for more information.