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Senior transportation in Oceanside

OCEANSIDE — City Council approved another year of senior transportation programs for Oceanside senior residents ages 65 years and older. The program, Solutions for Seniors on the Go, is a three-pronged approach to meeting as many senior transportation needs as possible through a taxi scrip system, an on-demand shuttle service and a volunteer driver service.
The program is a recipient of funds from the TransNet Senior Transportation Mini Grant Program, which is administered by the San Diego Association of Governments. The senior transportation mini grant is part of the 40-extension of TransNet, approved by 67 percent of voters in November 2004.
Program fees include $7 for the purchase of a $20 taxi scrip booklet and $5 for a one-way shuttle ride. Use of the volunteer driver program is free, and tips are only accepted in the taxi service. To register for the program, sign up to volunteer. For other program details, call Cheryl Stone, program coordinator, at (760) 435-5250, ext. 2015. Seniors already enrolled in the program could resume making reservations on the shuttle as of July 2.