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As a community newspaper, our readers are our news. We would like to open the opportunity for you to write a guest editorial to run on our Op Ed pages. We are looking for submissions 500 to 700 words long, in a first person voice, that explore an issue or idea relevant to you as a North County resident. Submissions longer than 700 words will not be considered. Not all submissions will be published. Send finished editorials to by noon on Friday to be considered for the following week’s issue.

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MaxNickels November 1, 2010 at 9:03 pm

Crime is down, but the Chief has an obligation to the strong and expensive unions. So he had to convince the city to keep all all of the expensive, highly compensated Police including all of his litigious excessively perk emblazoned managers. The city, via a vote initiated by Jerry Kern, Jack Feller, and Rocky Chavuz about a year or so ago decided to eliminate the jobs of approximately 48 bright and talented low to mid-level up and coming and many experienced hard-working employees, and to keep all of the highly paid, "exempt" do nothing manipulative managers and directors within the city fiefdom – the main goal of these managers often seem big retirement pay-outs and nothing else. This was your city government under councilman Jerry Kern. Chuck Lowery is for a job well done instead of more good-old boys greasy wheel, behind closed doors, and expensive politicking. Chuck Lowery is for progress and talent, and as a former small business owner instead of a bureaucrat he is a dedicated supporter of small business. This city has inflicted too much red tape on new and small entrepreneurs for too long. This city has been ruining people’s careers and lives with too much greed and corruption for too long. Please lets vote for progress and the future rather than for the good ole boys of the past. Thank you!

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