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Second Opinion

Dear Dr. Gott: I’m a 56-year-old woman. My problem is with muscle tightening. I can’t get rid of the flabbiness that is hanging around my upper arms. I’ve tried push ups, swinging my arms when walking and using 5-pound dumbbells at several different angles. The only thing I get is a little toning. What should I do to lose the flabbiness?

Dear Reader: The condition to which you refer is frequently seen in middle-aged to elderly women and in people who are carrying excess weight or who are obese.
An exercise you might consider is to sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor in front of you. Pick up a 1- to 5-pound weight in your left hand. Raise your arm straight over your head. Slowly and carefully bend your elbow so the weight is lowered behind you, over your left shoulder. Slowly raise the weight back over your head. Repeat five times. Transfer the weight to your right hand and duplicate.
Reduce your dietary fat intake. Improvement will not occur overnight, but muscle toning will occur.
As a last resort, liposuction and surgical removal of the excess tissue can be performed. This cosmetic procedure might not be covered by insurance. Speak with your primary care physician before taking any drastic steps.

Dear Dr. Gott: I’ve been a fan of yours for years and know that you like to be informed of any products that do work. I suffer from pain due to a bulging disc in my neck and have discovered through an online search a new pain-relieving cream called Osmoflex.
Even though it has menthol as the active ingredient, it is not strong-smelling like others on the market. It also has magnesium, MSM, glucosamine and chondroitin.
I know the product will not fix my neck, but I am