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Scouts help out at Tri-City ER

COAST CITIES — Girl Scout Troop 4338 of Oceanside and Vista recently completed their Bronze Award, the highest award for Junior Girl Scouts.
Their project focused on helping children in their local area. After many months of research they decided to help out children who accompanied patients to the Tri-City Emergency Services Department in Oceanside.
Often parents and guardians need to take their children with them to the ER and the wait for them is long and it can be a challenge to pass the time. Troop 4338 created Helping Hands Activity Bags that the children could use to pass the time. Each bag included an activity book filled with fun and educational activities, crayons, a deck of cards and a pen and spray hand sanitizer.
These bags were presented to Rusty Mansur, supervisor of Tri-City Emergency Services, and Kelli Moors, public affairs manager for Tri-City Hospital, on Jan. 4. The girls were thanked by these hospital representatives and the bags will be distributed to children in the ER waiting rooms.