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Science Day a gooey success

CARLSBAD — Poinsettia Elementary School’s 2011 Science Day on March 3 was an oohing, aahing, oozing, “Ooblicking” success in which fun learning abounded. Kindergarten to fifth-grade students approached the activities with curiosity and enthusiasm and had a sticky, flying, educational time.
“Students enjoyed an array of hands-on, grade-appropriate science activities and experimentsm” Principal Steve Ahle said. “Mini-chemists played with Ooblick, striving to ascertain if the goo is a solid or liquid. Future surgeons dissected animal parts, from cow eyes to owl pellets. In preparation for astronautic adventures, students practiced balance and motion skills with zooms, twirly birds, rollers and Lego levitators. Assisted by parents, environmentally savvy students eagerly delved into the secrets of a hydrogen-powered car and tested the levels of alkali in the various liquids we drink.”
Even kindergarten students gained a well-grounded understanding of the parts of a plant by transplanting flowers.