Schumacher to challenge Hall in Carlsbad mayoral race

Schumacher to challenge Hall in Carlsbad mayoral race
Cori Schumacher

CARLSBAD First-term City Councilwoman Cori Schumacher announced her candidacy for mayor on Jan. 7 in a YouTube video, challenging incumbent Matt Hall. Hall is currently serving his second term as mayor and has served on the City Council since 1994.

Schumacher also has the endorsement of Lorraine Wood, a former councilwoman she defeated in the 2016 election.

“While we have accomplished so much together, there is a lot left to do,” Schumacher said in the video. “We need a vision both rooted in our history, while looking forward to our future. I’m looking forward to sharing the vision that we have developed together for a future for all of us in Carlsbad.”

This year is the first year Carlsbad residents will vote in district elections. The city was drawn into four districts, with Districts 1 and 3 up for election this year, although the mayoral race is an at-large vote.

Schumacher resides in District 1, which covers Carlsbad Village and Barrio, and opted to run against Hall. It leaves the District 1 race between incumbent Mark Packard and challenger Mary Viney. In District 3, which covers some of La Costa, incumbent Michael Schumacher (no relation to Cori Schumacher) is currently running unopposed.

Packard was first elected to the council in 2002 and was also elected and served on the board of trustees for the Carlsbad Unified School District from 1990-1998. He is also a longtime small business owner with a dentistry practice in Carlsbad Village.

Cori Schumacher rose to prominence and office after the contentious Measure A vote, in which residents rejected a proposed luxury mall on the south side of Agua Hedionda Lagoon. She rode the results of the special election and wave of resentment against the council over the issue into office, upsetting Wood.

Schumacher is the lone democrat on the council and is often on the losing end of 4-1 votes.

Wood said Schumacher’s ethics, communication and vision for the city were factors in her decision to endorse the first-term councilwoman.

“Cori is an amazingly ethical person (and it) is so important for the position of mayor,” Wood said. “Cori also operates at the ceiling of ethics, not in the basement.”

Her opponent Hall is a Vietnam veteran and businessman. He has served in nearly every capacity on the council with committee assignments and was also instrumental in the completion of the desalination plant, which came online in 2015.

Hall also has a significant fundraising advantage, according to the most recent campaign filings. As of June 30, 2017, the two-term mayor had an ending cash balance of $95,654.73, while Schumacher had just $3,448.52.

The filing deadline for campaign contributions from July through December 2017 is approaching.

As for the council race, Packard had $7,413.70 in the June reporting period. Viney, meanwhile, has not reported any contributions. Michael Schumacher has banked $13,145.85.

CORRECTION: The story originally stated in error that Hall formerly owned two Carlsbad restaurants.


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