Schubach Aviation celebrates 20th anniversary

CARLSBAD — Schubach Aviation is celebrating its 20th anniversary n July, while laying the groundwork for growth and stability in the years ahead.Founded in 1992 by Henry Schubach, it has steadily grown. The company operates and maintains a fleet of luxury aircraft at Palomar Airport and Lindberg Field, with a staff of 30 people.

To gear up for the next decades of growth, the company moved last fall to larger, 45,000-square-foot headquarters at Palomar Airport. Presently, Schubach Aviation operates two wide-bodied Bombardier Challenger 601s, three Hawkers, a Citation Jet, two factory-new CJ3’s, and a newly acquired Gulfstream IV-SP. The company has several new acquisitions currently in the works.

In the beginning, private air charter was the mode of travel for a small sector of San Diego residents; today, it represents a multi-million-dollar industry in the region. In the early 90s, Palomar Airport was a modest, regional airport; since then, it’s undergone major remodeling and expansion and become known for its facilities. In addition, the company has maintained a flawless safety record.

Aviation first became part of Schubach’s life when he studied it as an elective course in college. He was instantly hooked, and began flying every chance he had. In 1988, he moved from Utah to San Diego County. In 1990, he joined Tango Air, purchased it two years later, and in 1992, renamed it Schubach Aviation.

Schubach Aviation’s clientele consists largely of financial, real estate, and biotech industry executives and other frequent business travelers who need to get to their destinations as quickly and easily as possible. In addition, there have been a growing number personal travelers turned off by the long lines, flight delays, security concerns, inflexible restrictions, and cumbersome itineraries associated with the commercial airlines.

Schubach’s passion for flying is matched only by his love of dogs. When it comes to supporting animal welfare organization, he’s a pushover. During 2011, Schubach Aviation donated one cent for every mile it flew to Helen Woodward Animal Center, concluding the fundraising campaign with a contribution of $10,160 to the organization. The homeless dogs at the Escondido Humane Society have also benefited from Schubach Aviation’s soft spot for canines with donations of food, toys, treats, food bowls, and various other supplies to the shelter each Christmas.

In addition to animal welfare organizations, the company has contributed to numerous other charities that benefit sick and underprivileged children, the U.S. Military, disease research organizations, and other community causes.