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School readies for student council election

RANCHO SANTA FE — The board of trustees for the Rancho Santa Fe School District was informed of changes to the upcoming student council election during its April 4 meeting.

Starting off the topic, Superintendent Lindy Delaney, told the board that the switch from traditionally holding elections in September, and now changing them to May, would be quite beneficial.
It would establish a student leadership base at the beginning of the new school year.
The official student council elections for the 2014 to 2015 school year will take place on May 15.
Principal Garrett Corduan conducted a PowerPoint presentation to offer the board of trustees a clearer understanding of the process and some minor changes in the procedure along the way.
“I would really like to start off and have the elections this May and the main reason being that we can hit the ground running in August,” Corduan said.  He also wanted the trustees to know that by taking this route, school spirit could be started earlier in the year, student council activities could occur sooner, as well as morning announcements.
“I would also like to take the student council to the Disneyland Leadership Conference in September,” said Corduan, adding how this module program is rigorous and outstanding.  “There is a need for us to get rolling in August – there is plenty to do.”
Corduan also wanted the board of trustees to know that the student council would now be considered a year-long enrichment class which would meet three times per week.  Likewise, Corduan would implement including class representatives from the elementary school who could take part in particular student council monthly meetings for informational updates.
On May 7, Corduan said, an informational meeting will be held at lunch for students in grades 5 thru 7. Instructions on campaign packets, teacher approvals, and also information on the campaign will also be covered.
The campaign kick-off is on May 12.
Rather than having live speeches this year, Corduan will put into action “recording candidate speeches” on May 13 and 14.
“I would like to have a more controlled environment where they are presenting a more meaningful speech where students are listening to it in class,” he said.
It would also offer the ability for a teachable moment.  While the video plays, the instructor can stop the clip and discuss the content in class and encourage feedback.
Students will cast their votes for the following student council positions on May 15:

  • President (8th grade)
  • Vice President (7th grade)
  • Communications Officer (7th or 8th grade)
  • Secretary: (6th, 7th or 8th grade)
  • Treasurer: (6th, 7th or 8th grade)
  • Philanthropy Commissioner: (6th, 7th and 8th grade)
  • Activities Director: (6th, 7th and 8th grade)

Board of trustee member Todd Buchner commended Corduan on a nice job but wanted to double check on the video process.  He wanted to make sure there was a fairness element for all of the students. “How do we balance that?” Buchner asked.
Corduan wanted the trustees to know that the videos would be produced in the video production class on campus and each student would be given a couple takes.
And yes, they could have some sort of teleprompter setup to encourage a better verbal delivery.
“We will provide a coaching component for the kids to make sure they are presenting themselves well,” Corduan said.