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School district board members sworn in at meeting

SAN MARCOS — The San Marcos Unified School District governing board welcomed Jay Petrek and Randy Walton to its ranks and reaffirmed incumbent member David Horacek at its regular meeting Dec. 8. This event marked the
first time in more than a decade that two of the five trustees were replaced in one election.
Returning trustee Horacek described the position as a labor of love. “It was a lot more work than I’d originally anticipated,” he said.
Horacek has had a tenure informed by fiscal conservatism. He previously butted heads with the teacher’s union, urging it to be more flexible to meet tightening budgets. On the other hand, Horacek was the only board member to vote against cutting school bus service in the district.
Petrek served two years with the school board previously. He said that the most gratifying part of his long campaign was hearing city residents tell him about their positive experiences with the district.
Petrek also said his enthusiasm was tempered by the current budget crisis. “It is touching our district pretty heavily,” he said. “It will definitely be a focus of this district to
maintain that financial stability.”
Newcomer Walton recalled meeting with every principal in the district and visiting hundreds of classrooms in the course of his campaign. He said he saw firsthand that the school district is strong as a result of the hard work of dedicated teachers and staff. Walton also attributed the district’s success to the board’s good leadership.
“It’s not lost on me that I’m replacing either Mary Borevitz … or Pam Bancells,” Walton said. “I hope that I can just live up to half of what they both did for this district.”
Superintendent Dr. Kevin D. Holt seemed to have no doubts about that.
“I’m so fortunate to have all three of these leaders
as part of my team of six,” he said.