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School board comes to agreement on Dacus property

RANCHO SANTA FE — The school board met in a special session March 26 to approve the stand-down agreement regarding the Dacus property.
The board also authorized the execution of a site lease, facilities lease and accompanying documents relating to the renovation
of the R. Roger Rowe Campus.
In real estate, the hottest property is determined by “location, location, location.” These days, no property is hotter than the Dacus property, which is located on the corner of La Granada and El Fuego, and is being sought by the school and the Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District.
The Association, the school board and the fire district are working together to create a harmonious solution for all parties, and the signing of the stand-down agreement is a step toward ensuring that solution.
Key elements to the agreement specify that the Association will enter an agreement with the school district for temporary use of the Dacus property as a construction staging area.
The Association will also assist in obtaining permission for a change of use for the “Angino” property owned by the school district to permit the use of the property by the Rancho Santa Fe Association Patrol.
The school district will provide the fire district written notice three days prior to entering into a purchase agreement to acquire the Dacus property from the Association.
In turn, the fire district will provide the school district and the Association with its intent to file any legal actions using eminent domain for taking the Dacus property.
All parties agree to negotiate and pursue in good faith for the development of a joint-owned parking structure on property owned by The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe to meet the immediate and long-term parking needs of all parties.
The proposed parking structure will accommodate 168 parking spaces.
Susan Marr and Catherine Fox, residents on Mimosa Street near the Dacus property, attended the meeting to voice their concerns. Both women said that they approved the sale of the property to the school, but wanted the board to communicate with neighbors as to plans and intentions. Marr pushed for encumbrances on the property regarding any future sale; she also had concerns about landscaping plans and ingress and egress on the property.
The fire district also met March 27 to confirm the same stand-down agreement, and the Association board will meet April 2 and is anticipated to do the same.