Schaffer to speak at RSF Women’s Fund General Meeting

Schaffer to speak at RSF Women’s Fund General Meeting
Guest speaker for the next RSF Women's Fund General Meeting is Ilene Schaffer, who will discuss The Three Secrets to Thriving During Life's Twists, Turns, and Bumpy Roads. Photo courtesy Jennifer Winter Photography

RANCHO SANTA FE — In addition to discussing business at The Rancho Santa Fe Women’s Club’s Feb. 27 general meeting at Fairbanks Ranch, guest speaker Ilene Schaffer will inspire guests. Schaffer, who is a life transitions specialist and positive psychology practitioner, shared how thrilled she was with the invitation to speak at the meeting.

“It’s certainly an honor to have been invited to speak,” Shaffer said. “I love getting to speak to groups who are committed to serving their community. It connects to my heart and soul when I have that opportunity to be with people who are philanthropic.”

Established in 2004, The Rancho Santa Fe Women’s Fund has collectively gifted $3.1 million from its grant distribution program, which takes place every year. The grant money is raised from the annual membership contributions, which start at $2,300.

The title of Schaffer’s presentation is The Three Secrets to Thriving During Life’s Twists, Turns, and Bumpy Roads. Shaffer said she would be sharing the common threads that she sees with her clients who are experiencing life transitions.

People are better prepared for these transitions when they have a toolbox, she said.

“We’re constantly in transition,” she said. “So, the more tools we have in our box, the better we can navigate these different waters, and hopefully do better than survive but actually thrive and flourish.”

What Shaffer would like most for her guests to learn is how there are things they can proactively do make a positive impact in their situation. It’s about taking ownership and having some sense of control, she said.

“It’s helping people create a mindset that will help them to thrive and flourish,” she said.

Shaffer said the work that she does every day is rewarding. She primarily works with women and she helps them see their sense of “self.”

“I want them to realize they whatever they are going through, they can do it with a sense of grace and confidence — it’s about having the ability to create the life that you want,” she said. “To see that unfold in a woman is incredibly exciting.”

Shaffer is quick to point out that a lot of times people think that positive psychology is all about being happy all the time. This is not true.

“It’s really about how we’re going to struggle in life, and we’re going to have bumps,” she said. “We’ll have twists and turns. However, it is having the ability to struggle well and to move through that.”

Shaffer said how she looks forward to being able to share some of those tools at the meeting. She wants to help others flourish and thrive.

To learn more about the Feb. 27 Rancho Santa Fe Women’s Fund General Meeting at 10 a.m., and to hear Shaffer’s presentation at Fairbanks Ranch, visit


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