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Sassy Santa, a trip to La Paz and more from around the Ranch

Miss Krista Lafferty is proud to be a Rancho Santa Fe Rotarian. Not only is she a member, she is active in the club. The Rancho Santa Fe News’ assistant advertising manager has been a popular face around town in Rancho Santa Fe for over the last two years. If you aren’t in the Rotary, there is a good chance she has met with you or at least called you regarding promoting your business in this paper. Krista’s background in the newspaper and advertising business dates back to when she was just a young girl and her mother (Terrie Drago) was the editor of another paper here in town.
Now Krista is lending her marketing and business expertise as the co-chair on the “Sassy Santa” event coming up at the Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club Nov. 18 and 19th. Rancho Santa Fe resident, Jane-Allison Austin is also co-chairing this event, too. The first night is entitled, “Ladies Night Out,” while the following day is more of a family affair with a chance to visit Santa and shop at over 35 local vendors and retailers in this area. Why wait for Black Friday? Don’t miss this wonderful two day experience that promotes our immediate economy in Rancho Santa Fe and a portion of all proceeds will be donated to the Rotary, who in returns donates to numerous charities. Most importantly, this will be “A Must Attend Social Event” in the Ranch and you shan’t miss it!

Around Town
At the end of September, local residents, Michael and Elaine Gallagher attended their son’s own movie premier in Los Angeles. The movie, “UrFRENZ,” is a film that addresses “cyber-bullies.” The film also garnered a wonderful review from the L.A. Times. I had the good fortune of enjoying some of Michael Gallaher’s Totally Sketch Comedy skits this summer when my husband Robin and I joined Elaine and Michael for dinner. Not only is their son a talented director, but he also has that fabulous charisma on camera that could land him in the seat of a Late Night Talk Show Host. Watch out Jay Leno! Michael Gallagher is a rising star. I have included a wonderful shot from that evening with Michael and Elaine Gallagher, along with Jana Winternitz next to son, Michael. (Jana is the producer, Michael is co-producer and Michael and Elaine were the executive producers.) Michael and Jana are both local Torrey Pines High School graduates.
On Oct.10, I had the pleasure of meeting Jill and Matthew Sorge for dinner at one of the best Mexican restaurants in San Diego, Hernandez Hideaway. If you haven’t been to this eclectic joint, you need to take a drive down Del Dios to the Lake Hodges area. You won’t be disappointed. From affordable pitchers of margaritas, to endless chips and salsa, their dishes are fantastic. Also, it’s family friendly; so do make sure to bring everyone. Jackson and Matthew just loved it. My favorite part of the experience is the exquisite backdrop of the Lake Hodges scenic views that surround the restaurant. Here is a fun photo of my best friends, Jill and Matthew Sorge, with my son Jackson Tuck.
On Oct. 13, some exciting news has developed recently in my life. I am now an art consultant at Legends Gallery in La Jolla. As an avid art-lover and anything creative, you can imagine my exuberance and excitement in this new opportunity for me. Legends Gallery is an elegant Fine Art Gallery on Prospect Street, right across the street from Georges. With different price points from the array of artists showcased at Legends, there is something for everyone. And, if you are into collecting well-known art, you can find Marc Chagall, Norman Rockwell, Joan Miro, Alexander Calder, Dr. Seuss, and Mackenzie Thorpe pieces. Legends has a select few “Rare Sold Out” pieces of Dr. Seuss, which we are still able get in for clients. If you visit the gallery, please mention I sent you there! If anything, stop in and say “hello.” You won’t be disappointed. Here is a photo of local artist and gallery employee Brittany Saake and I. Roree Mayhew is the Director of the Gallery. For more information, check out
On Oct.14, I left Rancho Santa Fe and took a week’s hiatus from “Machel’s Ranch,” too. My husband and I walked across the Mexican border, caught a cab to the Tijuana Airport and boarded a plane to our final destination — La Paz, Mexico. A much needed vacation for both of us. You can imagine the two of us enjoying the hot rays of the sun down the edge of the inland coastline of Baja California.
We celebrated my husband’s birthday with his parents, Katie and Ken Shull, too! What a lovely time. Here is a sun-drenched photo of proud mother and son together. Make sure you remember to take time to exit your normal routine so you can appreciate your own daily blessings. A vacation just puts everything into perspective, doesn’t it? I must say, I did miss The Ranch.
On Oct. 25, I received some exciting information from a good friend of mine regarding where to find amazing party dresses, wedding occasions, proms or pageant dresses for the hectic holiday season. “Mia Bella” is now open in Del Mar. Think of Mia Bella as your own personal shopper, the place to help you look fabulous for your next event. For more information, here is their website, I have included a sweet photo of gorgeous girls with happy smiles, which really says it all.
SAVE THE DATE: “Sassy Santa” at the Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club Nov. 18, from 6 to 9 p.m. and Nov. 19 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. You can contact Krista Lafferty at Don’t miss out on exclusive premiere shopping at businesses in the area before the infamous drop kick date of Black Friday! Support your local economy, and also help give back to the Rancho Santa Fe Rotary that’s always helping make our community better and more fabulous each year.

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