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Santa Fe Christian seniors sell their wares

SOLANA BEACH — With names like Catwok, The Princess and the Peazza and Boomroasted, the 94 seniors at Santa Fe Christian spent their last week of high school selling their wares during the private school’s annual senior business week.
The broad-based curriculum exercise, which serves as the economics final, is the culminating experience for all graduating students.
Groups must partner with local vendors, create business and marketing plans, conduct presentations, advertise and sell their products before school and during breaks and lunch for a week. The winning team receives extra credit.
Money raised is used to purchase the senior class gift to the school. This year students chose to fund a $20,000 concrete patio in the quad area where they like to hang out that was plagued with drainage and mud problems. The students took in more than enough to cover the project cost.
For the guys in Boomroasted, who took the name from TV’s “The Office,” the project started off on a dsappointing note that got worse before it got better. Their first choice for a business was taken and two other groups were selling pizza, their second choice.
“We got stuck with something we didn’t want to do so much,” said Jason Anthony, who teamed up with Brett Buchanan, Ryan O’Rourke, Karl Holmlund, Hunter Ross and Andy Huang.
They finally decided on Starbucks coffee and bagels in the morning and coffee drinks and candy at lunch. To increase profits, the guys created breakfast packages that they delivered to businesses from Mira Mesa to Carlsbad.
“The first day was chaos,” O’Rourke said. “Three of the six guys were out delivering and people were lining up here. The toasters shorted out the electricity and we couldn’t toast the bagels.”
“On day two we had to revise things,” Anthony said. “Every day we were learning something different. It was a lot of work but incredibly fun to be working with lifetime friends and have our leadership skills come together and unify as a group.”
Even after providing complimentary coffee and bagels to all faculty and staff members, an informal survey had Boomroasted with the highest profits — about $4,200 — with only one day left to sell. Most other groups had barely broken the $1,000 mark.
“It’s a lot of work to put on this big event,” said Jon Wallace, the economics and government teacher who has been overseeing the decades-old project for the past seven years.
“But it’s fun to watch them succeed and fail and learn through both.”

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