SANDAG continues webinars on transportation plan

REGION — SANDAG is hosting a series of five, 45-minute webinars to discuss the 5 Big Moves. These strategies set the framework for a bold new transportation vision for San Diego Forward: The 2021 Regional Plan, which will enhance connectivity, increase safety and sustainability, and improve quality of life.
Register for webinars at SDForward.com/webinars.
The 2021 Regional Plan will synchronize the 5 Big Moves – Complete Corridors, Transit Leap, Mobility Hubs, Flexible Fleets, and Next OS – with the intention of delivering an integrated, “world-class” transportation system.
The first webinar focused on the Transit Leap on July 10. The remaining webinars in the series include Mobility Hubs Webinar at noon July 24. Discover how Mobility Hubs enhance the movement of people and goods when different modes of travel – walking, biking, transit, and shared mobility – and supporting amenities converge in the heart of communities.
The Flexible Fleets Webinar will be at noon Aug. 7. Explore how Flexible Fleets can build upon the popularity and success of shared, on-demand services like rideshare, ridehailing, microtransit, bikeshare, scooters, and delivery vehicles. These fleets provide personalized and convenient travel options through shared vehicles available 24/7 for different types of trips, which can reduce the need to own a car.
The Next Operating System webinar will be at noon Aug. 21. Join us to learn about the digital platform that functions as the brain of the entire transportation system to connect smart infrastructure and different modes of transportation – passenger vehicles, buses, ride-sharing, delivery trucks, autonomous vehicles, bikes and scooters, and more. The Next OS will turn data into real-time actionable information for transportation operators and travelers.
For more information about the 2021 Regional Plan and 5 Big Moves’ new transportation vision, visit SDForward.com/vision.

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