San Marcos unveils new logo

San Marcos unveils new logo
City officials said the slogan captures input from the community over the past year.

SAN MARCOS — The city of San Marcos recently formally unveiled its new logo, a nod to San Marcos’ untapped potential as a city.

The new logo includes the city’s name, with a four-colored compass inside of the “O.” Underneath the city’s name is the slogan, “Discover Life’s Possibilities.”

City officials said the slogan captures input from the community over the past year from several surveys, a focus group and a communications and media audit. Three themes emerged from the research, city officials said: the notion that San Marcos’ best days were still ahead; there is something for everyone in the community, from the school aged to seniors; and San Marcos was a “best-kept secret” that people are just now starting to discover.

“Whatever you are looking for can be found in San Marcos,” City Manager Jack Griffin said. “From our trails and parks, to the city’s bustling commercial districts and leading educational institutions, San Marcos has plenty to offer.

“We are this hidden gem in San Diego County,” Griffin said. “San Marcos is a dynamic community of more than 90,000 residents who enjoy a fantastic quality of life.”

The four colored quadrants within the compass circle, officials said, speak to the vibrant and diverse aspects of the San Marcos community. And the warm orange color for the tagline “Discover Life’s Possibilities” ties into the Innovate 78 campaign’s selection of orange to represent San Marcos in promoting the five cities along the Highway 78 corridor.

The logo is the “new face” of the city, and it appears on signage, city vehicles, uniforms, official stationery and the San Marcos 360 magazine, which lists recreational opportunities throughout the city. The city’s seal, which had been used on those things, will now be reserved for official city documents.

“San Marcos is coming of age, and it needed a clear identity to convey that,” city spokeswoman Sarah Macdonald said. “The city wanted a mark that would resonate with residents, while also supporting efforts surrounding economic development — a newly emerging priority for the city.”

The city has been slowly introducing the logo since May 2017 as events occur in order to keep costs down.



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