San Marcos dental clinic offers comprehensive care

SAN MARCOS — In a recent national public opinion survey, the American Dental Association found that while Americans deem the smile the most important physical attribute, a surprising 37 percent of Americans don’t know that poor oral health has been associated with serious health conditions such as stroke, heart disease and diabetes. Any dental condition, if not treated properly and in time, can lead to further problems.
To provide a safety net for those needing dental services, North County Health Services, or NCHS, provides dental services to children and adults at three North County locations and a Mobile Dental Clinic.
Services include routine and hygiene exams; sealants for children to prevent tooth decay; deep cleanings; fluoride treatment; crowns and bridges; fillings and extractions; root canals; denture fittings; veneers and teeth whitening.
As an approach to oral health prevention, NCHS has an oral health program for pregnant women and children as an integral component of the prenatal/postpartum and pediatric programs. Hygiene exams and dental education help educate and keep patients ahead of any impending problems.
“Our mission is to provide quality oral health care that is patient-centered and comprehensive,” Tim Miotti, NCHS Dental Manager, said. “We work collaboratively with our medical and OB clinics, as well as local, state and federal agencies to ensure that every patient that seeks care within the NCHS system is given the opportunity to receive the best and most comprehensive dental and medical care available. We care for patients of all ages with a focus on our pregnant moms and pediatric patients. By educating parents and expectant parents about the importance of taking good care or their teeth, they can teach their children about the risks associated with poor oral heath.”
According to Miotti, it is important that medical patients with chronic disease maintain good dental health. “As diabetes rates increase, we are seeing more and more the toll that this and other chronic diseases take, not just on their physical health but their oral health as well,” he said.
For details, visit or call (760) 736-6767.

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