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Salary increases for mayor, council and city employees

OCEANSIDE — It was raises all around for Oceanside’s mayor, council members, city clerk, treasurer and city employees.

The raises were given to keep Oceanside salaries competitive with other San Diego County cities. The City Council unanimously approved the increases Aug. 5.

Mayor and council members’ salaries were last increased in October 2008.

“Council hasn’t had any raise since 2008, and this increase won’t go into effect until December,” Councilman Chuck Lowery said, following the council’s approval. “That’s a long time without a pay raise.”

“I support a small raise that the city can afford,” he added.

The mayor’s annual pay nudges up from $28,128 to $31,895.

Council members who presently earn $26,339 will see $29,793 come the end of the year.

New salaries for elected officials will go into effect in December, following the November vote.  Councilman Jerry Kern said he supports the pay raise, but will not be personally seeing the increase due to his run for the 76th State Assembly seat.

Raises for city clerk, treasurer, and employees will be retroactive from July 2015.

The city clerk and treasurer last saw a pay adjustment two years ago. Both positions increase from $23,592 to $24,182 annually.

Represented city employees will see at 4.5 percent pay raise over two years.

Unrepresented employees including hourly and seasonal city workers will also see a 2.5 increase this year.

“These small increases are to acknowledge the good work they do for the people of Oceanside,” Lowery said. “We should retain and reward employees who dedicate their time and effort to make Oceanside a better place.”

Salaries for 288 represented city employees will bump up 2.5 percent this year, 1.5 percent next July, and 0.5 percent in January 2017.

Nine positions will have further salary adjustments, which add an additional 0.6 percent to 5.88 percent to employee paychecks over two years.

The two-year cost to the city for represented employee pay increases is just over $1.2 million.

The annual increase for unrepresented city employees adds up to $443,033.