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RSFA disclosure and election updates

RANCHO SANTA FE — At the April 7 Rancho Santa Fe Association Board of Directors Meeting, the board and members were brought up to date regarding the Association’s annual disclosure as well as the election timelines.

Brooke Nichols, operations and finance administrative assistant, briefly discussed the disclosure updates. According to Nichols, their annual disclosure format was currently being reviewed by council to assure all was adhering to the Davis-Stirling Act and also aligned with their HOA documents.

“And we’re on track with the budget,” she said.

Nichols added how there should not be any expected holdups.

“Davis-Stirling requires that the annual disclosure be mailed to the ownership 30 to 90 days prior to the new fiscal year,” Nichols said. “So we are on track to mail the disclosures to the membership.”

The anticipated date was by May 30.

President Ann Boon then spoke about the upcoming election process regarding the three seats up for vacancy. The election is to replace the seats of directors Jerry Yahr, Philip Wilkinson and Heather Slosar.

“So just a recap for everyone, the candidate ads are due to the Association office on April 14,” she said.

Also covered was how the candidate bios and photos were also due April 21. And the deadline of April 22 still stands as the date for candidates to withdraw their names from the election.

“And we have had a couple of withdrawals already,” she said.

Boon also noted that the target date of April 29 was still on track for mailing the election materials and annual meeting notices to the members.

“An annual meeting and ballot drawing is scheduled for May the 12,” she said.

Nichols took part in the drawing process, choosing names of the candidates in the order they would appear in the candidacy ads for the upcoming mailing.