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RSFA board of directors elects new officers

RANCHO SANTA FE — The new board of directors took their seats at the monthly July 7 Rancho Santa Fe Association board meeting. The new members serving their three-year term are Janet Danola, Allen Finkelson, and Kenneth Markstein.

Former members were Philip Wilkinson, Jerry Yahr and Heather Slosar.

Interim RSF Association manger, Don May, read aloud the board of directors election results which included Janet Danola at 1,012 votes; Allen Finkelson at 1,002 votes; Rachel Laffer at 636 votes; Rachel Leheny at 616 votes; Kenneth Markstein at1,083 votes; and, Terry Peay at 565 votes.

“This was signed off by Bruce Bishop the election inspector and witnessed by Judge David Moon on June, 14 2016,” said May.

After the new board of directors made introductions, the election of officers began and was led by Finkelson. He moved that the board elect Fred Wasserman as president, Kenneth Markstein as vice president and Janet Danola as treasurer.

The board unanimously agreed.

Following this, Wasserman provided some meeting updates and ground rules.

This meeting, however, was held in a room at the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club, rather than it’s regular monthly meetings at the Association’s usual site. Wasserman said that they were going to try to use the golf club’s room for the next 12 months in hopes it would be more comfortable for members.

Previous meetings held at the Association had an overflow of members and seating was limited in the boardroom. Room 1929 at the golf club has ample space.

Wasserman also shared that the board was not going to give members a time limit of three to four minutes — that was waived for the time being.

He also pointed out that members confine their remarks and/or suggestions to ideas that could be directed at perhaps him or the committee as a whole.

“We want that kind of participation. Member input is not an opportunity to comment on personnel, not an opportunity to attack who works in the Association or board members,” Wasserman said. “It’s an opportunity for members to provide constructive help to your board and the organization in terms of making it run better.”

During the course of the meeting, the board appointed members to an ad-hoc committee in an effort to find a new Association manager. Its former manager, Bill Overton, recently resigned and May is currently filling in as the acting manager. This ad-hoc committee consists of Wasserman, Markstein, Danola and Rachel Leheny.