James Clad speaking to the San Diego Committee on Foreign Relations at the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club on Oct. 15. Photo by Christina Macone-Greene
James Clad speaking to the San Diego Committee on Foreign Relations at the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club on Oct. 15. Photo by Christina Macone-Greene
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RSF welcomes James C. Clad

RANCHO SANTA FE — At the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club, James C. Clad, the former U.S. Deputy Assistant of Secretary Defense and current international energy consultant, spoke to the San Diego Committee on Foreign Relations.

Following the Oct. 15 dinner, Clad approached the podium and addressed a well-attended crowd.

Clad’s main topic of focus was on shale energy and how it’s perceived to afford the U.S. with economic benefits. With his immense knowledge in a variety of areas, Clad chose this particular topic.

“The shale energy story is the best piece of overall, comprehensive good news to happen to America in a long while — as energy security, as a way to reindustrialize the country, as to ‘bridge fuel’ to ever more use of renewables,” he said.   Clad went on to say that shale energy is offering new leverage in terms of sanctions on misbehaving oil producing countries.

“It’s a great story,” Clad said.

Also known as hydraulic fracturing, fracking is the method of removing natural gas within shale rock.  Fracking has entered a manufacturing renaissance era, since attempts in the past were moot because shale rock lies deep in the earth, and was unattainable.

New technology has now unleashed fracking.

“Fracking is here to stay,” said Clad.  He continued, “It’s changing under our eyes and put us back into the world now.”

Since 2009, Clad indicated the carbon footprint has been reduced with this new energy market emerging. He also described shale energy as the re-industrialization of the U.S.

“The thing about the shale energy revolution is that it’s something that is transforming every week,” he said.

While drilling methods have been fine-tuned with horizontal applications, and extracting shale by means of water is now being reexamined by implementing specific pellet process.

As Clad remarked, it’s an ever-changing progression.

According to Clad, natural gas production continues to make strides, and with it, more resourceful and enhanced technologies.

For Clad, as the shale energy uprising continues to evolve and unfold, it will indeed make a positive global impact and reshape the U.S.

Following Clad’s presentation, he was on hand to answer questions from the crowd.  Clad thanked the San Diego Committee on Foreign Relations for such a warm welcome.

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