RSF School District readies for new school year

RANCHO SANTA FE — Superintendent Lindy Delaney told the board of trustees at a recent school board meeting that a great deal of activity was happening in preparations for the new school year.

School starts Aug. 24.

So far, there have been a couple newcomer events and more to look forward to so families can become acclimated to the new environment.

Delaney said that she hoped by the time school started the newcomers felt welcome and know that the campus is “their place.” She also commended the Rancho Santa Fe Education Foundation for a job well done in organizing the events.

The week before the official school session, new teachers to the school had their orientation. The following day, the existing staff arrived.

Delaney said it’s always fun welcoming back the entire staff.

“It’s like friends seeing friends,” she said. “The staff came back refreshed and revitalized.”

While some staff members visited the campus during the summer, Delany said, they also had three teachers attend Columbia.

As far as student enrollment, Delaney described the numbers as interesting.

“I’ve been saying this for the summer,” she stated.

While the school could end up with 49 kindergarteners, the official count is 46. To date, first grade is currently at 63, second grade is at 71, and 79 third graders.

“Both fourth grade and fifth grade are at 82,” she said. “Sixth grade was our big winner this year.”

According to Delaney there was a jump from 83 students to 95.

President Todd Frank asked Delaney her impressions of the increase.

While it sometimes happens that way, she said, it’s a culmination of people returning and new families moving in.

She wanted to board to know that last year this fluctuation happened in third and fifth grade. And this year, it occurred in grade six.

“Sixth (grade) had the biggest growth,” Delany said. “So there are some people moving into the area for sure.”

Current enrollment numbers for seventh grade was at 73 and eighth grade was at 81.

As far as total student projections, they currently had 665 enrollments and forecasted 691.

Delany predicts the final numbers will fall somewhere in the middle.


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