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RSF Library Guild President chats about its 50th anniversary

RANCHO SANTA FE — As the Rancho Santa Fe Library reaches its 50th milestone anniversary, it reflects on the past, is appreciative of the present, and looks forward to the future.

“We’ve talked about having a 50th anniversary for a number of reasons. It turns out the Guild was first formed around 1963, but the first meeting wasn’t maybe until 1964,” said Art Yayanos, president of RSF Library Guild. “And then there are other events up until the construction so we like to think of this as a 50th anniversary celebrating all these events and will celebrate them over the next few years or so.”

While the Guild has hosted an array of fundraisers over the years, Yayanos said having their recent literary fundraiser with bestselling author, Lisa See, was outstanding. It was a special way to give back to the community and its supporters.

For Yayanos, he thought this literary event and author talks remain a great direction for the Guild because they are a literary organization, ranging from print, digital, audio and even music.

“This author talk was absolutely perfect and Lisa See was spectacular. As she said, one of her goals is to talk from the heart and she certainly did that and I look forward to reading her book, ‘China Dolls,’” he said.

Also wrapped within the celebration is recognizing the Guild’s used book store, the Book Cellar. Yayanos said that used books give someone an opportunity to make a discovery because they are filled with potential surprises and inspirations.

“And books themselves, of course, are your education that never stops at school but it continues the rest of your life,” Yayanos said. He continued, “And libraries are an essential part of your continuing education even in the internet age.”

Yayanos said the Guild does indeed have a vision for the RSF Library. Each perspective has communal goal.

Yayanos wants people to know that the Guild is working hard to create an atmosphere for a better community meeting space. This includes making its façade patios more “people friendly” with seating and other attractive nuances.

“I’d like to see the building expanded a little bit to create a meeting room for 50 to 60 people. A real presentation room that’s wired for audio visual, but won’t take much effort for a group to come and use,” he said, adding how it would be soundproof.

He wants the library accessible for everyone.

An important piece of assisting the Guild, its programs and goals is through financial support.

Yayanos is incredibly thankful for all the generous support they have received over the years. However, he noted that when making a donation, to please double check the name is correct so it goes to the intended donor. In the library’s case, there have been instances where checks were issued to the “Rancho Santa Fe Library” and not the “Rancho Santa Fe Library Guild.” These donations actually went to the county and not the Guild.

Yayanos also commended their membership manager, Susan Appleby, on an incredible job.

“Susan is getting enormous help from our board volunteers and from the National Charity League. I’m really grateful for the volunteerism that sustains this organization,” he said.

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