RSF Garden Club readies for botanical gardens day trip tour

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club recently announced its field trip to the Huntington Library. The famous Pasadena venue is known for its art collections and stunning botanical gardens.

According to RSF Garden Club Executive Director Shelly Breneman, there are a few spots available for the June 1 day trip tour.

“It’s going to be fantastic,” she said. “We’ve rented a charter bus, and we are driving up to the Huntington Gardens.”

At the Huntington, guests will have a couple of hours to tour the expansive grounds followed by a high tea at noon. Breneman shared that the tea is a full-service experience. After the tea, attendees will be able to spend a couple more hours in the garden, or if they so choose, at the museum. Guests can devote their time wherever they want at the Huntington.

Breneman wants people to know that she kept the cost at a competitive price point of $95 for garden club members and $105 for nonmembers.

In addition to preparing for the field trip, Breneman is also gearing up for the Garden Club’s annual meeting on May 24.

“Our annual meeting serves two parts,” she said. “It’s when we vote on our new board of directors.” She added that the ballots were mailed off a few weeks ago.

The other portion of the meeting is when grants are awarded. The Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club is celebrating its third consecutive year of “grant-giving” tradition.

“The official announcement went out on Feb. 1, and the deadline was March 17,” Breneman said. “So it was a condensed period for them to get their grants in to us, but we did get 27, and we have narrowed it down quite a bit.”

Since that time, site visits have taken place.

Breneman admits she has enjoyed the process.

“I have worked in nonprofits for a long time, and I’ve usually been on the other side of writing the grants and asking for the money,” Breneman said. “It has been a fascinating time, and I have seen so many great projects.”

Those interested in the Garden Club’s upcoming Huntington Library field trip, club membership or future events, can call (858) 756-1554 or visit


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