RSF Garden Club Executive Director Erin Browne, left, and RSF Garden Club Board Secretary Pam Wasserman. Photo by Christina Macone-Green
RSF Garden Club Executive Director Erin Browne, left, and RSF Garden Club Board Secretary Pam Wasserman. Photo by Christina Macone-Green
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RSF Garden Club holds quarterly meeting

RANCHO SANTA FE — Members of the RSF Garden club were diverted to the former clubhouse to the RSF Golf Club for their quarterly meeting. As everyone checked in, they had the opportunity to meet and greet their new executive director, Erin Browne.

First up at the podium was co-president of the RSF Garden Club, Fred Wasserman. He started by telling the group he was delighted to see such a great turnout.

“One of the items that I want to talk to you about is we do have new executive director, Erin Browne and she comes to us from the Community Center,” he said. “You can talk to her any time.”

Wasserman went on to say that if a member has a friend who doesn’t belong to the Garden Club, now was the time to bring them to a meeting or a special event such as “Coffee in the Garden.”

Wasserman then addressed how he knew that some members were concerned about membership after the Garden Club property sale.

“We’re over 75 percent retention which is phenomenal, and we’re still getting renewals. So we’re going to be up probably around 80 percent,” he said. Wasserman continued, “And then we’re going to be adding new members so we’re really not sure of the numbers. But we want to really try over the next couple years to increase the size of the club.”

He also wanted the members to know that they plan to increase the number of activities including taking part in more community involvement.

Wasserman then turned the microphone over to Browne. She told everyone how excited she was to meet all the members. Additionally, she said she wanted to help create an organization that members would all really want to participate in.

What she needed in return were ideas on what types of events members would like.

“If there’s a particular workshop that you’re interested in having or you want to learn more about, I just need to know what you want to learn so I can make it happen,” she said. “The second thing that I wanted to mention is one of the things that I’ve really pushed since I’ve been here is reactivating our Facebook page.”

She wanted everyone to know that that if someone had a Facebook account they could start following not only the Garden Club, but also the Upscale Resale Shop since they had one, too.

She encouraged everyone to “like” the pages so the Garden Club and shop could have more exposure.

Susan Glass, co-president of the RSF Garden Club, was next up sharing events which were already marked on the calendar.

“On April 15, we have a wonderful ‘Coffee in the Garden’ coming up,” she said, adding how it will take place in a fantastic garden located in the Ranch.

She also noted in mid-May, a floral arrangement class with a “Fresh Young Vibe” would be taking place. A new floral director from a noted La Jolla floral shop was going to champion this.

Glass said this gentleman is creating “new arrangements” in interesting containers, while mixing different plants and foliage that people don’t usually mix.


Also on the schedule is another “Coffee in the Garden” May 20. And this residence will have a lovely succulent garden.

A week later, May 28 is the club’s annual meeting.

Glass also told members that she wanted them to let their new executive director, Browne, know what their interests were in potential programs so she could see it to fruition.

“Erin will get it going,” said Glass, “that’s what she wants to do and I’m very comfortable with her abilities.”