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RSF Garden Club chooses new executive director

RANCHO SANTA FE — It’s official. The opening for executive director at the Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club has been filled by Erin Browne.

The name may sound familiar because Browne has been the office manager at the Rancho Santa Fe Community Center for the last couple of years. Browne is thrilled step into her new position on Feb. 17 and honored with the opportunity.

Browne said she is looking forward to raising awareness in the community about the special work the RSF Garden Club has done over the years and continues to do. And she wants to help raise the bar even higher.

“I will be reaching out to new families in the community and even families that have been in the community for a long time who are not necessarily a part of the Garden Club,” Browne said.

The Garden Club has a longstanding history and while Browne will help continue that legacy, she also intends to amplify what an important part of the community it truly is.

One area of focus will be on membership.

“I also want to start networking a little bit more, not only in Rancho Santa Fe, but throughout San Diego with other garden clubs and organizations that are like-minded,” she said, adding how her goal is to give the RSF Garden Club more spotlight presence.

Browne freely admits she has a penchant for nonprofit organizations. She began working at one when she was 18 years old, left for a little bit to work in the for-profit sector, and eventually returned to the nonprofit world.

“For me, it’s kind of just been a natural path and my goal has always been just to continue to work in nonprofit related organizations,” Browne said.

Browne wants everyone to know that she has been very content and happy at the RSF Community Center. But when this new opportunity emerged, she saw it as a progression and a way to help lead a whole organization toward its goals.

While the RSF Community Center is happy for Browne, having her leave is very bittersweet.

“But the Community Center understands that this is a really great opportunity for me to grow,” she said. Browne continued, “And they’re really happy that I’m just moving across the street because we’re actually going to be collaborating a lot more.”

And another Garden Club goal is to reach out to more organizations in the community and having the RSF Community Center on the list offers a great springboard of opportunities.

While Browne leaves one nonprofit and heads to another, she will still be helping the community.

“I feel so fortunate to work in Rancho Santa Fe because it’s a really great community and it’s such a wonderful opportunity that I am able to extend my career here,” she said.

While Browne looks forward to her new position at the Garden Club, she is so thankful to remain in Rancho Santa Fe and help a community that has been so good to her. Along with this fondness, she has established great relationships along the way.

“Rancho Santa Fe is a highly regarded and I look forward to continue being of service here,” she said.

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