RSF Covenant residents meet the candidates

RANCHO SANTA FE — A large number of Covenant residents attended the Rancho Santa Fe Association’s May 11 Annual Meeting held at the Garden Club. While Association members listened to various updates, the evening also served as a platform to learn more about the two candidates wanting the two available seats on the board: Rick Sapp and Stephen Dunn.

During the evening, Covenant residents were told that even though it is an “uncontested election,” voting was imperative to meet the quorum conditions. According to Association Assistant Manager Christy Whalen, nearly 600 households need to participate in this election.

After business matters were discussed, members had the opportunity to hear the candidates.

First up was Dunn, who shared that he moved to Rancho Santa Fe with his family 21 years ago from Kansas City. While Dunn and his wife enrolled their children in R. Roger Rowe School, Dunn signed himself up at the RSF Golf Club.

Dunn’s educational background is in engineering. His career spanned in areas of real estate development where he learned the vital roles between cities, counties and the community.

When elected officials and staff got along well, Dunn said, it made for a highly efficient area.

He then praised the RSF Association.

“I commend the board and staff for moving forward,” he said.

One issue that Dunn raised related to the cost of water at the Golf Club. The club pays a high price tag for keeping the fairways green. Dunn wanted members to know that he would be a big proponent of looking into solving those cost issues and making water more affordable at all levels.

Sapp was next up. He and his family moved to the Ranch 12 years ago from London following his retirement from Goldman Sachs. Since then, Sapp has dedicated his time volunteering in various dimensions including, but not limited to, serving as the Pacific Ridge School board chair, serving on the RSF Foundation investment committee and as a Stanford University trustee for five years.

He was appointed to the board when Ann Boon resigned in July 2016. Since his appointment, Sapp has served in a variety of capacities such as being co-chair of the Technology Committee and member of the Audit and Finance Committee. Most recently, he has become a member of the Ad-Hoc Committee on water rates.

“Many good things are going on in those committees,” Sapp said. “I believe in the process of continuous improvement in any organization.”

Sapp pointed out that he wanted to deliver more error-free services to members.

“Finally, I believe we owe members timely communications in what we are doing,” he said, noting that communication is currently done via letters and email blasts. “Look to us for the first source of news.”

Sapp ended his commentary by conveying the urgent need for voter participation in the upcoming election.

“We need for you to vote,” he said.