RSF couple readies for opening night

RSF couple readies for opening night

REGION — A Broadway style production of “Annie Get Your Gun,” is arriving to North Park Theatre and being championed by the San Diego Musical Theatre.

The husband and wife team of Erin and Gary Lewis, both the producers and executive directors of the San Diego Musical Theatre, are counting the days until opening night.

“Irving Berlin’s ‘Annie Get Your Gun,’ is one the most amazing scores that he wrote,” Erin Lewis said. “It’s a fun show and also what we call a family show. We thought the community would enjoy this since it has not been done for a while.”

The musical runs from May 9 to May 25 and tickets are already sought after. Much of this has to do with the fact that two Broadway veteran stars are performing the lead roles.

Beth Malone, will play the role of Annie Oakley, while Steve Blanchard portrays the character of Frank Butler.

“When we decided to do the show we knew we needed Broadway veterans,” she said, adding how Blanchard lives in New York and has come to the west coast for this role.

Lewis has also watched the rehearsals and describes the cast as fantastic.

“They are just amazing,” Lewis said. “And the choreography by John Todd, who is also directing, is fun. John is adding some new ‘wow’ moments.”

Lewis is quick to point out that she and her husband are not the creative types. They bring their business background to this musical theatre organization and hire the artistic people around them.

This business savvy duo, though, often collaborates with their directors.

“Gary and I decide on the show, find the set, the costumes, and then have the auditions; and, once we get all that done, our director and choreographer will put the show together,” Lewis said.

Lewis shared that their influence in musical theatre actually started with their daughter when she was 11 years old. As a young girl, she showed her passion in acting and singing in musical theatre, and even today, is still on stage.

Lewis pointed out how she and her husband enjoy musical theatre, and realized there wasn’t any in their area, other than bringing in national tours that come in.

“There wasn’t any full time year-round musical theatre in San Diego,” Lewis said.

While San Diego is very rich with live theater, the couple decided they wanted to pitch in and do just musicals.

While it’s hard work, they are glad they did.

For those who have never been to North Park Theatre, Lewis calls it a gorgeous venue. Built in 1928, it is rich with character. Much like Broadway, at the North Park Theatre, there isn’t a bad seat in the house.

San Diego Musical Theatre is labeled as an award winning nonprofit which brings vibrant live musicals to the community and is known as the local way to see Broadway.

“You really don’t want to miss this show because it’s going to be fun and professional with our Broadway veterans,” Lewis said. “It is Mother’s Day month and a perfect show to bring the entire family to see.”

For more information about “Annie Get Your Gun” or to purchase tickets, visit or call (858) 560-5740.


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