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The Master Plans for the three community parks in Carlsbad, including Poinsettia Park, pictured, are in the process of being updated. File photo
The Master Plans for the three community parks in Carlsbad, including Poinsettia Park, pictured, are in the process of being updated. File photo
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RSF Board resolution for golf club postponed

RANCHO SANTA FE — The RSF Board of Directors heard and discussed at length a resolution for the RSF Golf Club. Acting manager, Ivan Holler, brought up the agenda item. From there, many stated their input.

Holler first began by telling the board that it has adopted a resolution. And in the past years, one was related to the management of the golf club.

“That resolution has been amended a couple of times over the years,” he said, adding how one agenda item was more of a clarification. “It would clarify the reporting relationship with the golf club manager and that the golf manager report goes to the board of governors and to the association manager. And that’s consistent with the association bylaws.”

The second item was to clarify how the board could authorize an officer or an agent from the Association to attend meetings conducted by the board of governors.

Those were the two items to be proposed and were recommended by staff for an immediate vote.

In the audience was RSF Golf Club President Steve Dunn and he shared his thoughts and comments regarding the agenda item. Also there were other members of the golf club.

Dunn described this agreement, established since 1987, as their bible on how the golf club and the Association interact. He went on to say that the agreement specifically states that every 10 years the document should be reviewed.

In 2007, Dunn pointed out amendments were made for clarification, addition, or modification purposes.

However, the way this resolution came about took the Dunn and others at the golf club by surprise.

“Typically in the past what’s happened is that the golf club board and the members of the association board have discussed this agreement ahead of time before the resolution is modified. And while the association board believes that these are nothing more than clarifications and a couple of minor additions, we feel that there are some inconsistencies with our mutual bylaws and that this agreement and our bylaws aren’t exactly consistent especially as it relates to our general manager,” Dunn said.

Dunn pointed out to the board that a couple months ago a letter was sent to them requesting that they meet toward the end of January. The reason, he said, was to give the Association a complete update on where the golf club stands from the point of membership, its budget and its goals.

While the budget was discussed earlier in the meeting, Dunn thought for transparency and communication sake, it was important to meet to talk about some of the challenges they faced and how they were addressed.

Their request for a January meeting would allow them the time to receive and review the golf club’s December calculations.

“So I think it would be very effective if you allowed for us, us meaning our board, and you all, to get together and discuss the state of the club,” said Dunn, noting that afterward they could take what they said under advisement for this resolution.

Dunn continued, “We would respect and request that you put this issue off and wait until after we’ve had the opportunity to all meet together. And then we’ll put together the resolution at that time.”

The board of directors verbally volleyed as to whether to vote on the two resolutions or wait.

In the crowd was the Association’s future manager, Bill Overton, who would take is official role at the end of January. He was compelled to give his viewpoint.

“As the new manager, my job is to build relationships and to be a diplomat.  I’m an emissary, and I agree with a lot of things.  Overton added, “My thoughts listening to all this is that nothing would be lost by waiting 30 days.”

Overton could clearly see that all sides wanted a conversation. If the board decided to make their vote on that day, he would make it work.  At the end of the day, he said, if the golf club succeeds, the community succeeds.

Following more discussion, it was decided to postpone the resolution until all sides could meet and talk things through.