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RSF Association discusses recording board meetings

RANCHO SANTA FE — The RSF Association Board of Directors deliberated the idea of having their future meetings recorded. Not visual, only audio.

Ivan Holler, acting manager of the RSF Association started off the topic that during the last board meeting on July 3, staff was directed to research the cost involved to record board meetings.

Following the recording, voice files would be uploaded to the Association’s website.

So far, the Association has contacted three companies.

“We have a pretty wide range in the proposals with the lowest cost proposal would be at $350,” Holler said. “That would be essentially for a handheld device with directional light that would sit on the table here and that may work.”

In his research, this price range would pick up comments from the board of directors but was questionable regarding member comments from the audience.

If the directors chose this price range then there would be no official board approval since it could accommodate the budget.

“The midrange proposal was a little over $2,000 and then a higher proposal was $4,500, so there are a couple of options for your board to consider,” Holler said. He continued, “One would be if you want to start with the lowest cost option and see how that works and there’s no action required.”

It was staff’s recommendation to focus on the $350 option, first.

The mid-level audio recorder would include a dedicated laptop, which would be used for the recordings.

Holler went on to say that if the lower cost recorder didn’t work, then the next higher cost recorder could be discussed at a future time.

Board president Ann Boon wanted to make a clarification.

“This audio recording does not replace the official minutes. It is purely an option that we would like to have for the convenience of our members,” she said.

Boon went on to say that they would probably have the audio link available on the website for a few months.

“I just wanted to people to understand that we are not replacing the official minutes,” she said.

Also discussed was the ability to track how many online visitors listened to the board meeting recordings.

Board director Heather Slosar said she liked the $350 option because she was quite curious to know how the audio features would ultimately sound.

All members agreed to record future meetings with the lower cost recorder and see how it plays out.