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RSF Association board approves new voter rules

RANCHO SANTA FE — At The Rancho Santa Fe Association board of directors meeting in January, the board approved new rules relating to voters and votes conducted by written ballot be posted for a 30-day member comment period.

While working through the March 2 monthly board meeting agenda, the voter rules topic was re-addressed after RSF Association President Fred Wasserman reminded members that the specific timeframe had been met.

Wasserman confirmed with Association staff that no member comments had been received. RSF Association Director Allen Finkelson then suggested in making a motion to adopt the new resolution and the approval was unanimous.

As Finkelson pointed out in a previous meeting, Association members who were already registered to vote remained the same unless they wanted to make a change. The new rules were aimed at current Association members who have not registered to vote and have a desire to do so. Conversely, the approved procedures also apply to new owners.

The new rules are also designed as a means to offer the election inspector voter verification so that a member vote will be counted.

“Every new property owner will get a verification form as part of the escrow package, and we will follow up and be sure that the owner returns that form to us,” Wasserman said.

Wasserman shared that current property owners will have a different form called a change form.

“You don’t have to make any changes, but each property will have two votes as long as that property has been verified in our system,” Wasserman said.

Finkelson then made another point to members who were present at the meeting.

“Anybody in our system today that’s registered has one vote. That person is registered already but they will automatically get two ballots,” he said. “So people who are currently in the system don’t have to do anything unless they want to.”

RSF Association Director Mike Licosati wanted to know the status of the Association’s database. Interim manager Christy Whalen told the board that staff was working on it and currently in the mid-process of it all in merging three other databases.

“Our voter database is one of the databases that we’re merging,” she said.

Whalen also shared how staff was going to be calling members who were not registered to vote during the process. She noted that member signatures will now be scanned for verification which is now in a binder.

Wasserman described the database efforts as a major undertaking.

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