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RSF Association approves Village Revitalization and Village Vibe funds

RANCHO SANTA FE — The RSF Board of Directors unanimously agreed on filtering $45,000 to the Village Revitalization Task Force and $77,500 toward the Village Vibe Committee.

According to the Association, the Village Revitalization would be utilizing about $20,000 for its traffic study and the remaining $25,000 for future use. Specifics of these future uses have yet to be determined. For its subcommittee, the Village Vibe, $77,500 would go in the direction of events, research, consulting, data gathering and reporting all the way through to June 2016.

“So the question is how do we approach this in a fiscally responsible manner, and I hear that’s a question everybody’s been asking just in general,” said Bill Overton, addressing the board and members. “And I think the good news is we have a very simple way to address this out of operating funds because we budgeted for assessment revenue very conservatively.”

While board director Jerry Yahr wasn’t present at the meeting and was not able to vote, Overton did have Yahr’s feedback. A portion of Yahr’s comments that Overton read included the following: “I think the Village Revitalization efforts are critically important in the future viability of our Village. And it is in my opinion the responsibility of our Association to lead this effort. The effort cannot be accomplished overnight and requires a thoughtful comprehensive long-term approach.”

It was also discussed that possibly in the future, Village Vibe could perhaps be done in-house at the Association once it’s well established.

Before the monies were approved, LaDonna Monsees, the Village Revitalization Task Force chair, said a few words. Following this, Sarah Neal and Janet Christ, the co-chairs of the Village Vibe Committee did the same.

Monsees pointed out that the goals and objectives, which have been established by their task force, embody the same goals that were stated back in a 2006 master plan. The current task force, however, has included three pillars they abide by which include village vibrancy, parking and traffic, and tenant mix.

While there are multiple goals to support current and future merchants, what also overlaps is the need for parking which can support this.

“The merchants can’t survive if their customers can’t pull in and shop for a short period of time and leave,” said Monsees, adding how there was a need to find ways to improve short-term parking. She added, “We are really blessed to have one of the most charming, historic, and beautiful villages.”

Neal told the board and members that she was excited to be part of the Village Vibe. The gatherings that the Village Vibe champions is an opportunity bring the community together for fun afternoons and special events, collect input and add vibrancy in the Village, engage Village businesses, and create a collaboration with its stakeholders.

“The Village Vibe is a committee that’s really trying to engage the entire community,” said Neal, adding how they are hoping others will be part of the committee for this great commitment.

Neal pointed out that their community gatherings are the future of the Rancho Santa Fe Village.

“They are a lot more than just an event,” she said.

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