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RSF Association approves marketing funds

RANCHO SANTA FE — The RSF Association approved $6,000 to go toward marketing funds for the RSF Tennis club in an effort to promote its new membership and program efforts.

Dave Vandenberg, board member of the tennis club, approached the Association for this request to help with its marketing and promotional materials.

“We have no budget,” said Vandenberg, referring to producing these resources.

Vandenberg said he and other volunteers have been putting them together themselves. He went on to tell the board that club members who wanted to help have added on an additional task to enhance the club.

He and other volunteers are creating an entirely new website for the tennis club, Vandenberg said, because what they have now is atrocious.

Board president Ann Boon commented on the new site noting how she knows how much time was spent personally on it.

“They really put a lot into it,” she said.

Acting manager, Ivan Holler, then chimed in.

“What we can do is if your board approves it, we would just expense this request and then if need be, if at the end of the year, we can come back and retrieve reserves,” he said.

The Association unanimously voted to approve the $6,000 funding for marketing and Vandenberg thanked them.