Rowe School celebrates Red Ribbon Week

RANCHO SANTA FE — Rancho Santa Fe’s R. Roger Rowe School kicked off its annual Red Ribbon Week Oct. 24.
Red Ribbon Week is a national campaign promoting drug and alcohol awareness in youths and their parents and the prevention of their abuse. This educational campaign encourages students of every age to choose to live healthy and positive lives and provides parents with the tools to help.
Parents are strongly encouraged to attend a kick-off meeting at 9:15 a.m. Oct. 27 in the LGI meeting room at the school. This meeting, with guest speakers, will emphasize the window of opportunity parents have during this week to talk to their own children about their views relating to drugs, alcohol and tobacco use. All parents with children attending school within the San Dieguito School District are welcome.
Topics and speakers will include:
— “How to talk to your kids about alcohol and drugs” by Keith Kanner clinical child and adolescent psychoanalyst and host of “Your Family Matters.”
— “I never met a parent who saw it coming,” by Judi Strang, executive director, San Dieguito Alliance for Drug Free Youth.
Parents will have an opportunity to see “Natural High 2” (an age-appropriate drug awareness video) that will be played for fifth- through eighth-grade students. Also provided are resources about how to raise children who are confident, responsible and self-reliant.
Red Ribbon Week commemorates the memory of Drug Enforcement Agent, Kiki Camarena who was murdered by the drug cartel in Mexico in 1985.
Each day of the Red Ribbon Week, the school will sponsor different events or activities to impress upon the students the importance of making healthy choices in their own lives, while keeping the lines of communication open with their parents.
An essay contest for fifth- through eighth-grades offers prizes include $50 gift certificates to the winners choice of: iTunes, Sports Authority or Circuit City. Topics to choose from include “Dream of an America without Drugs, Alcohol or Tobacco … What would it be like?,” “Saying no to a friends who party means I am free to … ,” and “Write yourself a letter to be opened when you are 16. What will you tell yourself about Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking.”
At 1:10 p.m. Oct. 29, all students wearing red will line up on the football field in the shape of a heart for an aerial photograph, to show a symbol of unity and commitment to healthy living.


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